RT Advanced Diagnostic Routines

These allow the service technician to perform tests on the system unit that require special action such as installing wrap plugs or keying certain responses. The Problem Isolation Charts (PICs) use the Advanced Diagnostic Routines to perform the additional tests and repair checkouts.

   The Advanced Diagnostic Routines run more extensive tests on the adapters that can be tested with wrap plugs than the Diagnostic Routines. If the configuration record on the fixed disk does not match the installed features list, the program displays the TEST OPTION or the DIAGNOSTIC TEST LIST menu.

    When an option is listed in the configuration record, but is not sensed by the Loadable POST programs, the TEST OPTION menu is displayed. This menu indicates either the option has been removed from the system, the option is failing, the switch settings have been changed, or the option has been moved to another slot. 

     When the Loadable POST programs sense an option that is not in the configuration record, the DIAGNOSTIC TEST LIST menu is displayed. This menu indicates an option has been added to the system. When an option is deleted from the DIAGNOSTICS TEST LIST menu, that option is not tested until added to the list using the Show and Change Diagnostic Test List Utility. 

To Run the Advanced Diagnostic Routines


2. Choose Advanced Diagnostic Routines on the FUNCTION SELECTION menu. 

3. Choose a checkout option on the ADVANCED DIAGNOSTIC SELECTION menu.  
                Note: An "*" (asterisk) by the ID number shows that the test has been run. 

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