PS/2 Model L40 SX

Type 8543

Planar (and daugtercard PCBs)
Common Devices
Power (Main, Backup & Standby Battery)
Open the 8543
8543 Error Codes
5800 PSP Product Support Platform (Large external enclosure)
   TMC-850 SCSI adapter
   ISA 16/4 TAP adapter
L40SX Hard Disk Removal and Installation (by William Walsh)

PS2.EXE Utility

PS/2 L40SX Notes by Michael Brutman
   Upgrading an IBM L40SX to an SSD

IBM L40SX Retro Laptop Teardown (video by Dave from EEVBlog)
IBM PS/2 L40SX Opening and Backup Battery Replacement (video by David Beem)
   The disassembly process starts at 2:36. L40 SX presentation made for IBM by The SoftAd Group

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