Procom MC Pira IDE Riser

@7125.ADF - Micro Channel PIRA

MC Pira
ADF Sections

MC Pira

J1 IDE Header
JP1 Pads for 3 position header
U12 BIOS U900001 
W1 Power 

Original image and W1 pinout courtesy of Jerry Hogervorst

W1 Power Header Pinout

Yellow (+12v) 1 o o 4
Red    (+5v)  2 o o 5
Black  (GND)  3 o o 6 Black (GND)

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AdapterID 7125 Micro Channel PIRA

Adapter IO Space
   IO address space of the adapter.
   < " IO Base 8020-8037"  (8020-803f)>, 8120-8137 (8120-813f), 8220-8237 (8220-823f), 8320-8037 (8320-833f)

   BIOS space of the adapter.
     <" ROM Base C8000h" (C800-C9FF)>, CA00 (CA00-CBFF), CC00 (CC00-CDFF), CE00 (CE00-CFFF), D000 (D000-D1FF), D200 (D200-D3FF), D400 (D400-D5FF), ROM DISABLE

Interrupt Level
   Interrupt Level for the adapter
     <" Interrupt 14">, 15, 10, 11

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