8570 Type 2 Planar

386 20 MHz

rf7080a.exe Model 70 386 Reference Disk v1.12 (zipped image)
XGAOPT.exe XGA/XGA2 Display Adapter Options Disk (details HERE)

8570 Type 2 (short) Planar
System Firmware
   ROM Images

8570 Type 2 (short) Planar FRU P/N 96F7308 or 41G3985

F1 Keyboard/mouse fuse
J1 Power supply edge connector
J2 Keyboard port
J3 Mouse port
J4 Parallel port
J5 Floppy/Hard-drive riser slot
J6 DB25 serial port
J7,9,10 72-pin SIMM socket
J8 HDD15 video connector
J11,12 32-bit MCA slot
J13 16-bit MCA slot w/ AVE
J14 Battery/Speaker connector
LN1-5 Inductors
OS1 40.0000 MHz osc
OS2 24.0000 MHz osc
OS3 14.3181 MHz osc
OS4 25.1750 MHz osc
OS5 28.3220 MHz osc
U2 33F8602 FDC
U10 33F4906 BIOS
U18 NEC µPD72065L Floppy controller
U19 33F5838 I/O Controller
U20 132-pin 386 socket
U21 NEC 33F5946 CPU GA
U23 90X8134(ESD) DMA Controller
U39 57X4111
U42 68-pin 387DX socket
U45 NEC 33F5944 Memory Controller
U59,60 68X6143 Video RAM
U61 90X8941 VGA controller
U68 Inmos IMSG171S-35 RAMDAC
U79 Hitachi HM6264LFP-15T
U81 Motorola MC146818AFN RTC/CMOS
Y1 32.768 kHz xtal (RTC)

This planar uses the same core logic as the Later P70 planar, the 5550-S/T Stage 2 planar, and the Type 0 processor complex.

System Firmware (POST & BIOS)

Firmware stored in EPROM.

ROM Images

All ROMs are Toshiba TC571001D-20, AMD Am27C100 or compatible (position U10).

33F4906 - 12 May 1988, rev. 3, incomplete dump!
64F3513 - 15 Dec 1989, rev. 4

Note: The Type 2 planar uses a slightly non-standard ROM device - Toshiba TC571001D or AMD Am27C100. These devices are similar to the more common 27C010 line, but two pins are swapped (pin 2 and pin 24). Some of the programming parameters may differ as well.

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