8600 RMP
Remote Maintenance Processor

8600 Remote Maintenance Processor (RMP)

195295fm.exe   Server 195/295 Field Maint. Test 2.0
295diag.exe       Server 195 and Server 295 diagnostic diskette
295fw170.exe   Server 295 FirmWare upgrade version 1.7
295ref.exe         Server 195 and Server 295 reference diskette version 1.7.1
295start.exe      Server 195 and Server 295 system startup diskette
mpext21f.exe     Server 295 HPFS fix for MP extensions
mass160.exe      Server 195 and Server 295 MASS/2 version 1.60
raidnw.exe         Server 195 and Server 295 RAID installation diskette for NetWare

MASS/2 Monitor (remote monitor 8600 RMP or PS/2 ServerGuard. Win3.x, OS2, NW)

Outline of IPB RMP Slot

IPB Remote Maintenance Processor (RMP) Card

Backup Battery FRU 92F0216 Energy Sales "ES 565", 7.2V, 850mAh
ADC0808 - IC 8-Bit Successive Approximation ADC, Parallel Access
751M05C 5V Fixed Positive LDO Regulator
80C186XL 16-bit High-Integration Embedded Processor
84256A-10L 256K (32kx8) CMOS Low Power SRAM
DS1286 Watchdog Timekeeper
BT1 - CR14250SE High Capacity Primary Lithium Battery
D1 - Status LED?
Firmware (Even / Odd) CAT28F010 1 Megabit CMOS Flash Memory
IRF9510 3.0A, 100V, 1.200 Ohm, P-Channel Power MOSFET
J2 - Three pin header for Backup Battery (upper pin is positive)
JP2 ?
JP3 ?
JP4 CMOS Clear?
LM34CZ Precision Fahrenheit Temperature Sensor
74F899QC 9-Bit Latchable Transceiver with Parity Generator-Checker
MAX232CPE  Line Transceiver, 2 Function, 2 Driver, 2 Rcvr, CMOS
P1 Serial Port A?
P2 Serial Port B?
P3 Bidirectional parallel port
SW1 Power-Disconnect Override   C&K E225 DPDT On-Mom. 0.4VA
SW2 RMP reset switch
TLC555CP 2.1-MHz, 250-ľA, Low-Power Timer (LinCMOS TIMER)
TL7705CP Supply Voltage Supervisor TL77xx Series (Vt = 4.55 V)
WD16C552  Two serial input/output ports plus Bidirectional Parallel port controller

"RMP is inoperable." Message During Boot  
  Server 195/295 systems with RMP boards at rev 28 or lower.  Replace RMP board ver 28 or lower with FRU P/N 92F0200 (revision 29 or higher).
NOTE:  RMP firmware must match the level being replaced to assure system compatibility.
Temporary work-around:
     Reset RMP by pressing (only once *) the white button on top of RMP next to red LED and reboot system. If error message goes away, the cause was a drained battery on RMP.  Determine the cause of the drain.
Typically the drain is a terminal or modem attached to the RMP without system power.  Once battery is recharged, the error message will no longer occur.
* Note:
(More than 2 seconds may result in severe system damage).

The WD16C552 chip supports up to 512K baud!

RMP Components
  N80C186XL, 5(x) 84256A (total of 1,256K memory), WD16C552 (serial and parallel), and 5(x) MAX232CPEs serial line drivers. Sensing components are an ADC0808N, LM34CZ temp sensors, TL7705CP Supply Voltage Supervisor, and a DS1286 Watchdog.

No keyboard controller, the only KB controller I have seen is on the CPU IP board.

There are two pairs of NPN transistors, a pair of 2N5089 and a pair of 2N3904. I don't have an ideal, maybe an amplifier? There is a load of PALs, GALs, and simple logic chips all over this board. Difficult to figure out what does what....

MASS/2 Features (Maximum Availability and Support System/2)

Integrated software allowing monitoring, controlling, tuning, and recovery of 295. Allows 295 to be geographically distributed while permitting comprehensive, centralized control with mainframe-like remote administration. Features:
 Failure recovery without human intervention (most cases).
 Operation even when 295 powered down (RMP with battery).
 Concurrent access by multiple users.
 Access via console, across LAN (local), via modem (remote).

  Continual monitoring of CPU, memory, disk, network, and swapping level utilization via real-time bar graph, and 1 hour history in RMP RAM, and historic logs on disk.

  Continual monitoring of temp, PSU voltage, single bit memory errors, network errors.

  Configuration details: processors, memory, SCSI, arrays, spares, RMP, UPS status, adapters

  Alarm and threshold selection with automatic dial out capability for events like disk failure, disk full, reboots, shut downs, memory errors, over temperature, power low/high, and network errors.

  Scheduled power down and power up; remote rebooting.
  SAA-compliant graphical user interface (hierarchical).
  Access to network operating system logs and server logs.
  Multilevel password based security; G File transfer capability.

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