ThinkPad 700 / c
dg720120.exe   Diagnostic Disk (v1.2): ThinkPad 700,700C,720,720C 
700c120.exe    Video Drv 256 Color (v1.20) For Win3.1: ThinkPad 700C,720C 
700propm.exe  Video Display Control OS/2: ThinkPad 700C,720C
r700c120.exe   Reference Disk (v1.20): ThinkPad 700C 
r700m120.exe  Reference Disk (v1.20): ThinkPad 700 

700 Planar, Front
700 Planar, Rear
Video Card
Keyboard Control Card
Voltage Convertor
Status Indicators
9552 IDE Controller Kit
Expansion Cartridge

ThinkPad 700 Planar Front
1 External Input Device Connector
2 System-Expansion Connector (240-pin)
3 Parallel Connector
4 Serial Connector
5 Diskette Drive Connector
6 Password-override connector
7 Base Memory Card Interface
8 Video Card Interface
9 Backup Battery Connector
10 Processor Card Interface
11 Hard Disk Drive Connector

ThinkPad 700 Planar Rear
12 Speaker Connector
13 Voltage Converter Interface
14 System Status Indicator Connector
15 Keyboard Control Card Interface

   TRACKPOINT II:  The  720 and 720C has a TrackPoint II  built into the keyboard.  It works like the mouse and allows the user to point and select icons on the screen under control of the application.  It consists of a device that stands between the "G" and "H" keys, accompanied by two "Click-Buttons", which are positioned below the space-bar.  The device reacts to pressure from the finger-tip and the left button is used for selecting or dragging items on the screen. The right button simulates the Enter key in some applications.

DISPLAY (MONOCHROME):  A 9.5-inch diagonal LCD, Supertwisted Neumatic (STN) 640 x 480 pels, Video Graphics Array (VGA) resolution, cold florescent sidelighted display with an 18 to 1 contrast ratio. Depending on the application, up to 64 grey scales can be addressed. It displays black characters on a white background and it may be reversed to a white on black mode by a simple switch operation.

DISPLAY (COLOR):  A 10.4-inch diagonal color LCD, thin film transistor (TFT) 640 x 480 pels, Video Graphics Array (VGA) resolution, cold fluorescent sidelighted display with a 100 to 1 (minimum) contrast ratio.  Depending on the  application, 256 colors are available simultaneously out of a palette of 4,096 colors in VGA mode (640 x 480).  There are over 921,000 thin film transistors used in its construction, and with advanced manufacturing techniques a defect rate of less than .00002 can be maintained.  This quality state of the art VGA screen provides clear, bright, vibrant colors approaching cathode-ray-tube technology.

700 Series Video Card

     1 External Display Connector
     2 LCD Connector
     3 System Board Connector
     4 Communication Adapter Connector

Keyboard Control Card
1  Pointing Stick Connector 
2  System Board Interface 
3  Keyboard Connector 
4  Keyboard Connector 

Voltage Convertor
1 Power Jack
2 Battery Pack Interface
3 System Board Interface
4 Standby Battery Connector 
5 Suspend/Resume Switch
Test 700 Voltage Convertor
Test 720 Voltage Convertor

System Status Indicators 
Symbol Color Meaning
On Speaker is enabled
Blinking orange



Battery  is fully charged
Battery  is half-charged
Battery is one-fourth charged
Battery pack is almost discharged (replace with fully charged spare)

° Battery pack is completely discharged orremoved from computer
° Computer is off
° Computer using external power, car battery or AC.

Battery is charging
Battery is full
On PC card in-use
On Diskette drive is active
On Hard disk drive is active
On Keys in Num Lock mode
On Keys in Caps Lock mode
On Keys in Scroll Lock mode
Computer is in Suspend Mode
Computer is resuming normal operation
Computer is powered on
o high temperature- system suspend mode until temperature is normal.

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