U436298 Release Notes


The user must install the Release 1.3 base code, and the U436295 update before applying this update.


ix44837  Code pages for latin2 and cyrillic and xfonts added. Fonts for iso8859-2 and iso8859-5 code pages need to be added. 


ix39461  The POSIX function of localeconv is missing from the C libraries on AIX 1.3.

ix44813 The sample program x11perf fails with VGA monitors.

ix44836  Cadence application drawing arcs incorrectly;  it fails when trying to produce a nand gate which is a square with a rounded side [) and exporting from an RS/6000 to a PS/2 AIX.  When exporting to a PS/2, the nand gate is open (ie., the rounded side doesn't connect with the square side).  On the RS/6000 display the nand gate is closed.

ix44837 Code pages for latin2 and cyrillic and xfonts added.

ix45509 xdt does not display the help icon.

ix45642 xga with 8517 not selecting right xgacrtcparams

ix46406 xwin image adapter/a hangs when using interleaf because the number of clipping rectangles were not initialised correctly.

ix46632 svgaconfig file for monitor specification for s3 and others.  There needs to be a way to change the chipset, resolution, clock frequency, horizontal and veritcal timings for SVGA.

ix46635 DOS disappears during hot-key.  When one has an X session on one hft and a DOS session on another, hotkeying between the sessions causes the DOS session to go blank.


ix36872 16-bit XGA support for PS/2.  Added support to existing 32-bit XGA code to support 16-bit XGA.  Code was added to the X-server and GSL library to support XGA in the 16-bit slot and XGA on a 16-bit planar.

ix36873 9515 monitor support has been added to the boot menu, as well as support for this monitor in the X server.


ix31027 kill -TERM of X server does not work correctly. When all hft's except the console are closed and X is started from a script that invokes Xopen and at least one aixterm client from the console, and the process id of X is killed (kill -TERM $PID), X will die, aixterm will die and a carriage return will be sent to console.  This will disable the ALT/ACTION key sequence from working, although the shell still receives keystrokes.

ix31642 X11 aixterm hangs intermittently when it is first being started.  If an aixterm is iconified there is nothing in the icon. If the icon is raised, there is no prompt.

ix31644 Text data entered in an X11R4 or X11R3 application window will 'disappear' when it is covered with another window.

ix32095 X11 server ghost cursor apears in many spots in an aixterm with the xga adapter.  Ghost cursors only appear with motif text widgets.

ix32465 When using "remsh" to execute an "aixterm" on a remote machine and displaying the window on the local machine, the output from the AIX commands will not display.

ix33100 The 'zoom' option is not visible when the alt+d keys are pressed after dos merge is started with XMERGE=1.

ix33854 Model 9556 130 has a xga2 on board, and if xinit is run it returns the prompt but does not start X.  X starts ok in vga mode.

ix34222 Only root can use the Image Adapter A (iaa).  After installing the ibm_iaa LPP, only root can use the iaa. The permissions on /dev/iaa are set to rw-r--r-- not rw-rw-rw- which is correct.

ix36533 DiaglogShell widgets cause both the client and the server process to grow in size.

ix36536 mwm has been added as a command line option to xinit.

ix36537 xga device interface is extremely slow when drawing text.

ix36539 xmodmap command is not working correctly to X11R5 server. Sometimes the keys are nulled out, and the keysym is not changed to the expected character.

ix36540 X-server will not handle being started from the xdm's controlling terminal, a pty, as the x-server  must be started from the console, or hft.

ix36541 Motif showFeedback resource when set to all inhibits the resize or move  feedback. The same .Xdefaults worked fine on r121. All is the default but should not inhibit if it is set. XRaiseWindow for the ShowFeedback box was added.

ix36542 X11r5 x server needs constant screen refresh after using menus with the interleaf program.

ix36560 If a directory of fonts is deleted, e.g. Speedo, 100dpi, or etc, and then 'X' is typed, the video will hang on an xga system.

ix36564 IAA device driver is very slow. The fix for this defect improves the performance of polytext8 and imagetext8 if the fillstyle is solid and they are fixed width characters.  If the above conditions are true, X-server passes the info to the IAA driver to do the painting of text. This has
significantly improved the text performance by about 20-25 times (verification by x11perf).  Aixterm uses polytext16, which now uses ppcPolyGlyphBlt, as compared to miPolyGlyphBlt.  This has resulted in the doubling of speed. 

ix36571 When hotkey from X11R5 server with the cursor in motion the next hft will be blank.

ix36573 When kill last client on and X11R5 XGA Xserver and the server does not reset, screen stays black. You can hft to another window. The old Xserver is still alive but asleep.

ix36574 Xserver memory leaks, creating and destroying pixmaps.

ix36576 Cursor color cannot be changed on Image Adapter/A.

ix36878 Paths in the showrgb Imakefile incorrect.  Make can not find the include files that it needs, or the config directory.

ix36879 The Uil link needs to be lower case along with the directory   it should be linked to (ie. "uil" instead of "Uil").

ix36880 Motif Menubar widget grows continuously in some instances.


ix36536 This apar adds a new option to xinit to start the motif window manager.  To use this new option, merge the new changes that are in ./usr/lpp/X11/bin/xinit.new.X11 into  /usr/lpp/X11/bin/xinit

Content created and/or collected by:
Louis F. Ohland, Peter H. Wendt, David L. Beem, William R. Walsh, Tatsuo Sunagawa, Tomáš Slavotínek, Jim Shorney, Tim N. Clarke, Kevin Bowling, and many others.

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