ALR Micro Channel Systems

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Model 8211H "PowerPro/MC SMP/DMP"
Model 8210H "PowerPro/MC"
Model 8087H "Power Cache 4"
Model 7515H "MPS II"
Model 7511H "MPS"
Model 7340H "MicroFlex 3300"
Model ?* "MicroFlex 7000" (press release)

Multi Processor System - MPS

System names preceded with planar ADF #.

* Honestly have no ideal of the MicroFlex 7000 Model, the refdisk suggests "0000H", which I do not believe is valid. It may be the 7000 was renamed.


Multiple System Refdisk [Obsolete] MCA Setup Diskette v01.04.01A [Obsolete] MCA Setup Diskette v01.05.00 [Obsolete] MCA Setup Diskette v01.05.01 MC Systems Setup (PRD) Diskette v01.05.02 PRD Setup V1.05.03 for ALR MCA systems [Obsolete] MCA Setup Diskette

mflx3300.exe MicroFlex 3300 Setup Diskette [SlfExt] MicroFlex 7000 MCA Setup Diskette Microchannel System Setup Utility Version 1.03.09
pc4-ref.exe [Obsolete] PowerCache 4 setup Diskette SlfEx
prd_08.exe [Obsolete] ALR PRD Setup Utility Version 1.03.08
prd_09.exe [Obsolete] ALR PRD Setup Utility Version 1.03.09

Utilities MCA CMOS erasing utility Driver to toggle speed of MCA system.
wdmcfmtp.exe WD Low-Level for 1006V-MC1/MCR
mc7fmtp.exe WD MCA Low-Level for 1007V-MC1 Utility to setup IBM SCSI on MPS

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