Qi 600 (Neptune Motherboard)

As the larger brother of the Qi 300, this system contained 16 and 32-bit expansion slots. Versions included a DSU file server system.

Motherboard Layout Rev E, Rev G
Motherboard Revision History Rev E, Rev G
Motherboard Revision Summary
BIOS Revision Summary
Parts List

Owner's Handbooks, etc.:
   NP - Add-on Installation Guide

Product Code prefix:
   NP - 386DX-25


Bus Architecture MCA
Processor Intel 80386DX-25
Video VGA Onboard
Memory 1MB to 16MB Using SIMMs
Floppy Disk Drive 3.5" Internal
Hard Disk Drive 50MB to 510MB (RLL & SCSI)
Networking Ethernet Onboard
Security Onboard
Expansion Options Two 32 & Two 16-bit slots
External 5.25" Floppy
80387DX Maths Co-Processor
40MB Internal Tape Drive

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