Hypertec 50Z

Hypertec 50Z FRU P/N 71G2633, FCC ID KBD-ISLC-0002-01 [P] [P] [P]

SW1 Switch block
U1 ATT7C174J-20 8Kx8 tag SRAM
U3 Lattice GAL
U6 Hypertec HYP0301
U7 Lattice pLSI 1016-80LJ
U11 Hypertec HYP0401 (data buffer?)
U14 Lattice GAL?
U15 Lattice pLSI 1016-80LJ
U16,19 MB8298-25 32Kx8 SRAM
? pads for 2x6-pin header (?)
R* LT1085CT Adjustable reg. (CPU?)
S* 68-pin PLCC header
U2 50.000 MHz osc
U4 Lattice GAL
U5,8 MB8298-25 32Kx8 SRAM
U9 33G0396 486SLC2-50
U10 Lattice GAL
U17 Math co-pro socket

U6,11 Hypertec ASICs; The same chips as on the 8570/80 - 486DLC2 Upgrade.

* Made up IDs, parts not marked visibly on the PCB.

This upgrade comes with a dummy math co-pro that plugs into the 40-pin DIP socket on the planar.

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