EduQuest Thirty
Type 9603

EduQuest Thirty Photo

Planar Outline

Content by William R. Walsh (original HERE). Modified by Major Tom.


CPU: IBM 386SLC-25 CPU (soldered)
RAM: 4MB soldered

Despite its name, the 386SLC is a 486SX from a software perspective. It's actually an interesting mix of technologies: you have the 16/24 bit data and address buses from the 386SX, a 486SX compatible instruction set with some enhancements by IBM, a few power saving features and some extra cache over that of a standard Intel 486 CPU. IBM had at one time a license to produce and modify any Intel microprocessor design. They did so for many years, up until at least the early Pentium era.


X1 12.000MHz XTAL
OSC1 14.318MHz (RTC, "Color Burst" signal?, ISA bus?)
OSC2 50.000MHz (CPU)
OSC3 16.000MHz (?)
OSC4 24.000MHz (FDC?)
D4 Green LED

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