IBM SCSI Adapters


SCSI Adapter /A ("Tribble", Long and short, uncached)
SCSI Adapter w/cache ("Spock" / "Spock Prime", 512 KB cache)
SCSI-2 Adapter /A (OEM'd Future Domain MCS-700 "Patriot")
SCSI-2 F/W Adapter /A ("Corvette", PS/2 or RS/6000)
SCSI-2 Differential F/W Adapter /A ("Corvette Turbo", PS/2 or RS/6000)

Japanese SCSI/A Adapters
RS/6000 SCSI Adapters

Supporting Information

SCSI Drives Over 1 GB [!]
Maximum Drive Size on Type 4 System (Is 250GB too much?)
IBM SCSI Microcode (from David Beem) Many BIN files for burning SCSI BIOSes...
IBM Adapter, Cable, and Planar SCSI Connectors
IBM SCSI-2 F/W Chipset
SCSI Layout (Cabling, IDs, Termination etc.)
Mixing Narrow and Wide SCSI Devices
HD Shows up as DASD (
SCSI Error Codes
System Partition and IML
Why Int4b?

SCSIFIX.ZIP Finally! A utility to alter the number of sectors for a SCSI drive and convert them to a 3.94GB drive! Bob Eager, you have answered a prayer!

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