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Mastodonic Personal Computers - Olivetti P700, another unit, photos

PWA-386PS Planar
System Firmware
   ROM Images
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Power Supply


CPU: i386DX @ 25 MHz
Coprocessor: i387DX or Weitek 3167
Memory: 8x 30-pin SIP sockets, 256 KB or 1 MB 80 ns parity SIPs, max. 8 MB on planar
Cache: 32 KB 25 ns
Bus: 2x 32-bit MCA slot, 4x 16-bit MCA slot (one with AVE)
Video: Chips 82C451 VGA (on-board), ? KB video RAM
HDD: ESDI or SCSI controller, many different brands & sizes
FDD: 3.5" 1.44 MB (34-pin; possibly 40-pin on some units)
I/O: PS/2 keyboard (front-mounted) & mouse, 1x 25-pin serial, 1x parallel

Olivetti P700-100: Planar ID FEFF, machine model/submodel F8/0D.

PWA-386PS Planar "PWA-386PS BD", ASSY. 41168510 [P] (source: UMMR - not an ALR MPS planar!)

DL1,2 delay line
F1 Fuse 125V F5A (?)
F2 Keyboard fuse
J1 4-pin speaker header
J2 6-pin reset/LEDs connector
J3 2-pin power LED/keylock connector
J4 4-pin battery header
J5,6 32-bit MCA slot
J7,9,10 16-bit MCA slot
J8 16-bit MCA slot w/ AVE
J11 HDD15 video connector
J12 DB25 serial port
J13,14 video RAM expansion headers?
J15 Parallel port
J16 4-pin keyboard connector
J17 34-pin floppy header (pads for 40-pin)
J18 Mouse port
JP1,2 pads for 2-pin jumper
JP3 3-pin jumper
OSC1 14.31818 MHz osc (VGA)
OSC2 32.0000 MHz osc (VGA?)
OSC3 40.0000 MHz osc (VGA, MCA?)
OSC4 50.350000 MHz osc (RAMDAC?)
OSC5 28.3220 MHz osc (VGA)
OSC6 50.0000 MHz osc (CPU)
OSC7 1.8432 MHz osc
PS8,9 Power connectors (AT compat.)
U3,12,20,32 27C256 BIOS ROM
U8-11,16-19,28-31,38-41 4Kx4 SRAM
U43 387DX/Weitek socket
U54 386DX-25 CPU
U55,59,60,70,111-113 DIP PAL (socket)
U61 Intel 82308-25?
U68 Intel 82385-25 Cache ctrl.
U75 Chips 82C451 VGA ctrl.
U94 Intel 82304-25?
U95 Intel 82309-25?
U96-99,114-117 30-pin SIP socket
U101-108 TMS4464-10NL 64Kx4 DRAM (VGA)
U120 GM76C28-10 2Kx8 SRAM (NVRAM)
U122 MC146818P RTC+CMOS
U139 Intel 82303-25?
U141 NS16550AFV UART
U147 Intel 82307-25 DMA
U155 Intel 82077-1 FDC
U165 8042/8742? KBC
Y1 32.768 KHz xtal (RTC)
Y2 24.0000 KHz? xtal

U8-11,16-19,28-31,38-41 Motorola MCM6270P25 4Kx4 SRAM (cache)

Built around the Intel 82311 Micro Channel chipset.

Note: Some chipset P/Ns were unreadable and may not be ID'd correctly (marked with a "?").

System Firmware (POST & BIOS)

Firmware stored in EPROM (4x 27C256, U3/U12/U20/U32, 128 KB total).

ROM Images

Based on Phoenix 80386 Advanced ROM BIOS ver. 1.02.00.

R2.12.10C (checksum 3F00/E700/D900/8F00)

No images available yet.

Power Supply

Uses a standard AT-compatible PSU with two 6-pin motherboard connectors (P8/P9).

150 W for the Mitac model.

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