3420 (Micro Channel i386) System Software

Filename Date Size Description
3420SD01.EXE 07/17/94 327328 3420 Service Diags Disk 1 of 1 ver 2.05
3420UD01.EXE 07/17/94 289777 3420 User Diags Disk 1 of 1 ver 2.05
3420_REF.EXE 07/17/94 290539 3420 Reference Diskette ver 1.19
NVGA.EXE 01/06/95 19725 Utility to allow you to change the number of
Columns and Rows on your screen (while in text
mode) from 80x25 to a higher value
VGADRV.SYS 01/06/95 8918 VGA Driver to provide 800x600 support in Windo
(Use the 800x600 driver provided by Windows)
CAMC9X.EXE 07/06/95 24360 CAM disk drivers for 53C9X SCSI host
66IBM13.ZIP 07/17/94 39648 High Speed drivers patch for ibm OS/2 1.3
8250PAT.EXE 11/06/96 823481 Flash diskette for 8250S PCI SCSI adapter with
BIOS v.3.07. This file is necessary when tryi
to flash the BIOS on the 8250S PCI SCSI adapte
when it is installed in a Globalyst 550/575.
@8EFF.ADF 07/17/94 256 IBM PS/2 SCSI Laddr Kit for OS/2 2.x and MS OS
AJAZSS01.EXE 03/29/95 835547 Jazz 16 - Install update PnP BIOS support
ARCBYTE.EXE 07/17/94 18634 Exabyte 8mm tape driver and Tape.tsd for OS/2
ATTDISK.EXE 01/18/95 371733 NCR 8250 PCI SCSI Install Disk, contains DOS,
Novell, NT, and OS/2 drivers. Use -d option w
BS_WSCSI.EXE 07/17/94 105504 CDROM drivers for Business Sound W/ SCSI card
BT747.EXE 09/30/94 44317 BT-747 DOS & CD-ROM drivers
CD-NEC.SYS 07/17/94 9240 DOS Cdrom driver for NCR SCSI and NEC CDROM
CD-SONY.SYS 07/17/94 10893 Sony CDRom CAM driver for DOS
CD-TOSH.SYS 07/17/94 9216 CDRom driver for Toshiba CDROM and Dos
CDSCSI-2.SYS 08/24/94 10918 DOS CDROM Driver for SCSI 2 Devices
DISKIDD.SYS 01/06/95 12302 DISKIDD.SYS rev 2.00.01 for NCR DOS SCSI Suppo
This file requires the appropriate CAM driver
your SCSI chipset.
DUALTOSH.EXE 07/17/94 19202 Toshiba CDRom driver for dual CDRom v1.01.00
EXABYTE.ZIP 07/17/94 2769 Exabyte tape driver for Sytos for Dos
LADDR13.EXE 07/17/94 542846 LADDR drivers for IBM OS/2 1.30 disk 1 of 1
NCRASPI.EXE 02/12/97 38053 SCSI Driver for NCR PCI Dual/Quad Board.
NCRSCSI.EXE 12/16/94 133724 NCR SCSI LADDR Kit for OS/2 2.X and MS OS/2 1.
OS21STD.EXE 07/17/94 720308 Disk 1 for OS/2 2.1 for CDRom Install NCR SCSI
SCSI_BA.EXE 08/23/94 104060 CD-ROM Drivers for Business Sound Adapter SCSI
v2.00 "SCSI Installation Disk Business Audio"
cd-rom.sys, mini400a.sys, and install programs
SLEEP.CMD 07/17/94 844 Delay for OS/2 batch file (sleep nnn....)

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