3com 3C529 EtherLink III MCA (TP)
@627C.ADF - 3Com 3C529 Network Adapter (AUI / BNC)
@627D.ADF - 3Com 3C529-TP Network Adapter (AUI / TP)

3C529 EtherLink III MCA 
3C5X9X.EXE  V4.3 EtherDisk for 3C579 /3C529 Etherlink III  NIC 
5X9C32.EXE  ODI-32 driver for EtherLink III 3C5x9 adapters 
5X9UW.EXE Unsupported Unixware drivers for the 3C5X9 Ad 
5X9NW.EXE EtherLink III 3C5x9 NW 2.x server drivers, IPX.COM workstation shell driver, with LANPATCH utility.

3C5-TriROM supports NetWare boot, RPL, and BootP network boot protocols
3C5XTRIU   BootWare/3Com-TRIROM Utility Disk v2.50 NW, RPL, TCP/IP 

Three sizes were available
8K (Boot Ware), 16KB (Boot Ware Plus) and 32KB (Boot Ware w/ ROMSHIELD)

EtherDisk 6.1 for 3C529
3c509x1.exe EtherDisk #1 NDIS3 and 4 miniport drivers for Win95/98 and NT 3.51/ 4.0.
3c509x2.exe EtherDisk #2 NW 3.X / 4.X, various DOS NOS, IBM OS/2, and packet driver

   The 3C529 MicroChannel NICs are partially supported. In Windows 95 and Windows NT, the NIC driver can be installed and removed, but the windows diagnostic program and tray icon are not loaded. To make configuration changes or test a 3C529, use the DOS diagnostic on diskette #2.

09-0399-002.pdf  3C529-TP/COAX Adapter Guide
  3com Etherlink III Parallel Tasking Adapter Drivers Technical Reference

3C529 / 3C529-TP
   3c529-TP with Motorola SB4100 Cable Modem
ADF Sections   (Common ADF, differs only in Transceivers)

3C529 Etherlink III (@627C.ADF)

Image from 3Com
3C529-TP Etherlink III (@627D.ADF)

Image from 3Com

3C529-TP w/SB4100 Cable Modem
   Works just fine under NT 4. Using the included 3com Etherlink III MCA adapter drivers from the NT install CD. Just run a TP cable from the 3C529-TP to the SB4100 and voila, cable modem speeds.
  All I installed was TCP/IP, and of course, ZoneAlarm. You will need SP3 or greater for the updated network files (LDSYS?)
  I installed the drivers from EtherDisk 6.1, and I am getting about 384/120 depending on where I'm surfing to.

AdapterId 627C 3Com 3C529 Network Adapter
AdapterId 627D  3Com 3C529-TP Network Adapter

Enable/Disable Adapter
   Use 'disabled' if you are not using the adapter and enabling it causes a conflict
    <" adapter enabled ">, adapter disabled

I/O Address Range
   The chosen addresses cannot be used by another installed device.
     <" 200h to 20Fh ">, 600-60F, A00-A0F, E00-E0F, 1200-120F, 1600-160F, 1A00-1A0F, 1E00-1E0F, 2200-220F, 2600-260F, 2A00-2A0F, 2E00-2E0F, 3200-320F, 3600-360F, 3A00-3A0F, 3E00-3E0F, 4200-420F, 4600-460F, 4A00-4A0F, 4E00-4E0F 

Interrupt Request Level
   This can be shared.  Performance may improve by using a non-shared Interrupt.
    <" level 3 " >, 5 , 7 , 9, 10, 11, 12, 15

Boot ROM Address Range
   Addresses used by boot PROM cannot be shared.  The selected size must match the size of the boot ROM.  Select 'disabled' if no boot ROM is installed.
    <" disabled ">
(8K) C200-C3FF, C400-C5FF, C600C7FF, C800-C9FF, CA00-CBFF, CC00-CDFF, CE00-CFFF, D000-D1FF, D200-D3FF, D400-D5FF, D600-D7FF, D800-D9FF, DA00-DBFF, DC00-DDFF, DE00-DFFF
(16K) C000-C3FF, C400-C7FF, C800-CBFF, CC00-CFFF, D000-D3FF, D400-D7FF, D800-DBFF, DC00-DFFF
(32K) C000-C7FF, C800-CFFF, D000-D7FFF, D800-DFFF 

Transceiver Type (@627C/529)
   Transceiver in use.  For BNC, select 'on-board'.  For AUI connector, select 'external'
    <" on-board (BNC) ">, external (AUI) 

Transceiver Type (@627D/529-TP)
   Transceiver in use.  For RJ-45, select 'on-board'.  For AUI connector, select 'external'.
    < " on-board (RJ45) ">, external (AUI) 

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