CNet 650E/2

@50CD.ADF CNet 650E/2 Network Adapter

eps-2.EXE Driver Diskette (zip)
CN650E_2_Manual.pdf CNet 650E/2 Manual
CN650E/2 Description

From CNet Technology, Inc.

BNC1 BNC port
D1 Green LED
D2 Yellow LED
J1 RJ45
LP1 Lamp 1? Upper left of BNC1
U1, U3 RAM UT62645C-70
U2, U4 Outlines for alternate RAM
U5 Socket for Boot Rom
U7 Realtek RTL8008B
U9 Group-Tek BTF-22
U10 All-in-One Ethernet Coax TC3095
Y1 20.000 MHz xtal

Original image from J. W. Roelfsema:
   Apologies for the poor image. I had the outline done on my NT4 machine, and the email didn't make it. Curse these modern machines without floppy drives.

Chip dates are from 1995. Realtek still exists.
BTF-22 Ethernet 1:1 transformer
TC3095 Tamarack Microelectronics Inc Ethernet Coaxial Transceiver Interface (?)
TC3092J / TC3095 (V2.6) Ethernet Coaxial Transceiver / Module

This card supports two adapter types, "NE/2 compatible mode" and "650E/2 standard mode" (default). If you want to change the mode you have to run the MODE.EXE program.

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