Top Content Safety Information - Read This First


Electric current from power, telephone, and communications cables is hazardous.

To avoid the risk of an electric shock,

  • do not connect or disconnect any cables or perform any installation, maintenance or reconfiguration work during a thunder storm.
  • the power cord of the computer must be connected to a properly wired and grounded (earthed) receptacle. Any equipment attached to this product must also be properly wired and connected to grounded receptacles.
  • connect and disconnect cables as described in the following chart.
  • do not connect this product to a telephone line.
To connect: To disconnect:
  • Turn everything involved in the connection OFF.
  • First, attach all power cables to the devices.
  • Attach signal cables to receptacles.
  • Note: In the UK, by law, the telephone line cable must be connected after the power cord.
  • Attach power cord(s) to the outlet(s).
  • Turn devices ON.
  • Turn everything involved in the connection OFF.
  • First, remove power cord(s) from outlet(s).
  • Note: In the UK, by law, the power cord must be disconnected after the telephone line cable.
  • Remove signal cables from receptacles.
  • Remove all cables from the devices.
NOTE: Electrical installations must conform to the safety regulations of the country in which they are operated.