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Please, folk, no questions on this. My total experience with WIN 95 is one day's use when on a course. I've not retained the email addresses of either Scott or James so you can't hassle them either.

One of my correspondents told me how he set up Windows 95 to access an OS/2 printer. Here's the relevant part of the conversation

This advice is in response to problems Scott was having.

Have you been able to share a printer? If so, can you tell Scott & me (in some detail) what has to be done?
Yes, I have an HP DeskJet 660C connected to LPT1 on the Warp Connect machine. I went to my printer object on the desktop, hit the right mouse button, and clicked on SHARE, and then START SHARING. Then I gave it unlimited access and clicked on GRANT ACCESS. You have to toggle something on this page in order to enable the SAVE button. I just click on AUDIT twice. Also, under OS/2 Peer, I clicked the SHARING AND CONNECTING object, and then on the SHARES tab. Then click on SHARE...CREATE, and click PRINTER. Now from the 486 Win95 machine, I think I chose Add new hardware, and chose either LPT port or printer. There was a button called "Capture printer port", and I picked LPT2 which prints to //HOME/OMNIHPDE, where HOME is my Warp Connect Pentium, and OMNIHPDE is the OMNI printer driver for the HP printer. This worked great, as it had an option to print a test page, which looked perfect. I have not yet found out how to print from the Pentium to the Epson dot matrix printer on the Win95 machine. Not that I need to, but it would be a good learning experience.
And further on there's this..
Now, I have the Win95 client showing in the network folder, but I can't seem to get at it. I get the logon box(ex) asking for user ID and password. When I set it up, I used the exact same name and password for both machines, and even wrote them down. I get the `unable to log on' message every time. What gives?
I had this problem at first. Here's something weird, I go to "Lan Server and OS/2 Peer Resources", click on the Win95 machine, and there is the hard drive and CD-ROM. Click on either one, and I get "SYS0065: Network access is denied." Now, if I right-click on this object, and choose FIND, and then click on the Find button, I get a list of all files and directories in the root. If I then click on an object in the found list, it works fine. I can run programs, edit files and so forth. The way I got access to the Win95 drives was to go to the "Sharing and Connecting" object and then under the Connections tab, I chose "Create" and mapped the C: drive on the Win95 machine to G: on my Warp machine, and the D: cd-rom to H:. I can now access these drives from any app on the Warp machine, I can even back up the Win95 hard drive to my tape drive with Dualstor.

Hope this helps, John. If you need more details, just let me know. Thanks again.

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