8570-061 S/N 23-8045828

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[jpg: 8570-061 23-8045828 at idle]

   Okay, I can sound corny. Fate brought us together:). I went into a used-computer store 6 or so years ago to buy more memory for an 8555 PS/2, my first computer. That machine didn't care for the new SIMMs, and I went back to the store, the guy must have been a used car salesman. Rather than give me my money back, I ended up leaving with this Model 70 PS/2... which I knew was vaguely better than the machine I already possessed, because this one had the full 32-bit address bus. Brought the machine home, and immediately felt taken. I didn't even get a power cord with it. Caveat Emptor.

   In the final analysis, I've more than gotten my money's worth:). The machine has taught me much... While the 8555 has long been retired, the 8570 has been powered on, more or less for the past 6 years straight.

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