OPTO 22 AC32

Dual RS-422/485 Adapter

@6C68.ADF AC32 Dual RS-422/485 Adapter

The AC32 and AC34 -DO- support the PB16HQ Quad I/O modules.

AC32 Dual RS-422/485 Adapter For Micro Channel Computers

J1 (A) - DE9
J2 (B) - DE9

AC32 Bank A and B Jumper Settings

Each port is configured on the adapter by a group of 8 jumpers. Both Bank 'A" and "B" jumpers share the same function.

Position Description
1 Pull up jumper for transmit line
2 Terminate jumper for transmit line
3 Pull down jumper for transmit line
4 Terminate jumper for receive line
5 Pull down jumper for receive line
6 Pull up jumper for receive line
7 Enables RS-422/485 driver from RTS output on UART
8 Not used

AC32 Serial Port Pinout


The AC32 is a dual RS-422/485 adapter card (transient protected) and features two independent asynchronous channels (each able to drive up to 100 devices on a multidrop network). Channel A can be selected for COM1 through COM8 and channel B can be selected for COM2 through COM8. The AC32 offers full hardware and software compatibility with IBM PS/2 Models 50, 60, 70, 80, and compatible computers. The AC32 operates as a full duplex device with transmission speeds up to 38,400 baud for distances up to 5,000 feet using two twisted pairs per channel and a ground.

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