Still Crazy

Author: Tatsuo "Sandy" Sunagawa (the creator of the PS/55 pages), edited by Major Tom.

Back in June 1996, I happened to get 3 models of PS/55. One was PS/55 5551-NAB, 486DX2/66 machine with 16 MB of RAM, 200 MB HD and Japanese Display Adapter /J. It run Win3.1J nicely. When I hit and touched each keys of a 5576-A01 keyboard and examined the each parts inside the box, evil species slowly but securely had been growing up deep inside of my body and brain. After some period of incubation, the virus developed and dragged me down to Micro Channel Addictive Disorder (MAD).

Now my 5551-NAB is just sitting on a shelf with AMD 5x86-133, 1G SCSI HD, Reply SVGA, Madge Smart Ringnode and specially burnt BIOS ROM for 160 MHz operation. I don't know how long I will keep MCA Virus within me. Anyway I'm still crazy with MCA... after all these years.

In this section, the article number indicates year-month-date (except for the ones numbered as 0x000x). Articles dated after 020819 will be placed at the top and old articles will go down. Articles dated before 020819 are not yet completed. These articles will be uploaded at random. I've been writing these articles collecting memories (and testing logs) scattered in my brain and hard disks. And for the former, a powerful defragmenting tool is needed.

MAD Man's Diary


030102Alone Again


021231Stupid Planning, Maybe.
021230Monologue, actually...
021228And in the END
021020Obscured by Clouds
021005-3Cyrix and Lacuna Part III
021005-2Cyrix and Lacuna Part II
021005-1Cyrix and Lacuna Part I
020819Drive Rescue Works Great!
020800The Dark Side of the Moon
020727Ooops! HD in 6886 Lost its Partition Table (QaPlus/Pro)


010001Short PS/2 Adapter /A for Ethernet Networks (ADF @EFD4) (w/ SMC chip)


000320Model 95/A. Finally got it!
000005Model 70 PowerBoard Overclocking (by F355)
000001SCSI investigation (PS/55)


9912096886 (PC750 MCA) (Added on 10.13)
991020Audiovation Under Win95B. Come Together, Right On, Over 5580 (Added on 10.13)
9907296860 (PC720) (Added on 10.13)
9901xxThrough Ardent Tool of Capitalism to MAD MAX
9901088641-0YS (PC Server 500)


980810Cyrix 5x86
980809Windows 98 and PS/55 (Updated on 2002.10.11)
9800048228 MAU and ICS cable. TokenRing, one of "The Seven Wonders" of junk PC market.
980700BIOS Modification (Type-A, Type-B, and Other Models)
9806255560-W2B Modified BIOS and Overclocking
980503Reply PowerBoard Part #1 (Junk PowerBoard M70/M80)
9803148640-MYR (PC Server 320)


971122Micro Channel Enthusiasts Page
971101Type-A Upgrade
971018Differential Story (Added on 10.13)
9708025560-W1B Arrived
9707055580-Y0C Arrived


960000MAD Began

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