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021020 - Obscured by Clouds (PS/55s or other IBM PCs I've come across...)

Once lived with me

ModelGot forConditionLeft for (free except shipping. It's my rule). RMKS
5550-TFreeStockScrapyard ... Oh my xxx . I didn't know about MCA.
5530-TFreeStockUsed PC shop. The one and only that I got money with MCA stuffs. Got a 14" TV/PC convertible CRT.
5541-TJY100StockHiroshima Pref. Got it for M K/B.
5550-TFreeData Card 32, 2-8 EXPIbaragi Pref.
5570-VJY7,000Ditto, TI486 25/50Yamanashi Pref.
5530-UJY1000Stock but awfullBuilt-in display went south. Scrapyard.
5580-YFreeJunkDon't remember
PC720FreeStockYamanashi Pref.
5551-NJY5,000StockYamanashi Pref.
5551-WJY5,000StockYamanashi Pref.
5551-LJY5,000Stock, w/ 128MB MOdon't remember. ( Got it for MO drive )
5551-R???StockPlanar was donated to my 5530-L
8557JY2,500?Stock, w/ bundled soft.Hiroshima Pref.
5523-SFreeStockKanagawa Pref.
6885???StockYamagata Pref.
6883???JunkOkinawa Pref.
6885???JunkYamanashi Pref.
5560-NJY1,980Junk. Rebuilt w/ W2 cpxYamanashi Pref.

Maybe more...Can't recall.

Still in my room

ModelGot forConditionRMKS
5580-YFreeStock, now souped up to 40MHz system clockGranma
5551-NJY5,000Stock, now souped up to 40MHz system clockNancy II
5560-WFreenow souped up to 40MHz system clock with N complexBig Battle
5551-R??? Sleeping Beauty
PC720JY1,000?2x CD-ROM for laptop, 2nd PCMCIA
6886JY9,000 Sleeping Beauty
8590-xKxJY1,000Waiting for 40MHz surgery
9577-BTG$40.00?With audio panel. Testing machine
9577-NJY1,000Testing machineRX7
5530-RJY5,000Souped up to "5530-R"
9595-N/QFreeNow sleeping, after coming back from Okinawa
9585-N???Testing machine
8595-JJY2,000?Got it junk but with type 3 complex
8640-MYRExpensive!RAID 5 with 6 Quantum XP 2G
8641-MDZ!!!2 Tower, but only 6 drives
5538-ZFreeOne is almost new

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