Other DRAM Cards
Identifying Parity and Non-Parity Cards


FRU P/N Size P/NP ID # Usable for
07G1415 4 MB P 06G9242, 40G0275, 40G1914 TP700/720, CL57( N27SX), 5538/5537
07G1416 8 MB P 06G9243
66G0094 16 MB P 66G6575, 66G0093, 66G8262 5538/5537, TP750C/Cs, TP755
84G5724 4 MB NP 84G5691 5538 (Disable parity check option).
5538-Z may not recognize Non-Parity.
5537-Z does recognize Non-parity.
Disable parity check option before
installing non-parity memory.
Parity check is not available for TP755
Pentium models.
92G7237 4 MB NP
84G5725 8 MB NP 84G5694
92G7236 8 MB NP
84G5726 16 MB NP 84G5697
92G7424 16 MB NP

Other DRAM Cards

Mfg. Size P/NP P/N Notes
Fujitsu 8 MB P CA46006-6256 FMBNEM81, 002M36R4C4A0-08F0P5E
Fujitsu 8 MB NP
Fujitsu 16 MB P CA46006-6256 FMBNEM161, 004M36R2C4A0-08F0P5E
Fujitsu 16 MB NP CA46006-6270 FMVNEM161, 004M32R2C4A0-08F0P5E
Fujitsu 32 MB NP FMVNEM321,
SUN *2 16 MB P 711501 ? ThinkPad 750/755, TH8D364000UA-7B
Kingston 16 MB NP KTM-TP360/16 "PRINCETON TB 973031" for TP360
Kingston 16 MB NP KFJ-NEM/16
Hagiwara 32 MB NP HMC-A032
Hagiwara 4-32 MB P Probably HMC-B0xx used for parity mem.
Century Micro 4-32 MB P COD-4M/8M/16M/32M -P
GreenHouse 32 MB NP JD32NF
Maxell 8 MB P DJ-8M-QA (4P.8L) 80 ns?
Maxell 8 MB NP DJ-8M-QA (4.8L) 80 ns?
Maxell 16 MB P DJ-16M-QA (4D.7L) 70 ns?
Maxell 16 MB NP DJ-16M-QA (4.7L)
Maxell 32 MB P DJ-32M-QA (4D.7L)
Maxell 32 MB NP DJ-32M-QA (4.7L)

*1 The Star-Spangled Banner is printed on the card.
*2 Toshiba America Electronics Components, Inc.
Memory cards with P/N written in bold letters are tested with PS/55E, 5538-Y/5537-Y.

Identifying Parity and Non-Parity Cards

Non-IBM cards

If you find figures like " 36M" or "36" other than figures indicating capacity, it may be Parity memory.

If you find figures like " 32M" or "32" other than figures indicating capacity, it may be Non-Parity memory.

IBM cards (example [P])

Parity DRAM cards are *thick black* while Non-parity cards are *gray*. There is no indications about Parity or Non-parity on the card. If you don't have FRU P/N handy, identify cards by their color.


Both models take Parity cards only. Do not got for Non-parity DRAMS. Maximum capacity per slot is limited to 8MB. If you pop a 16MB DRAM card in any slot, system will count to 12MB ( planar 4MB + half amount of installed card ) and then turn into reference. Auto-config, save config then reboot, memory count will stop at 4MB and you'll get 163 and 201 error. TP720 can accept Fujitsu FMBNEM81, CA46006-6256 parity memory. I think TP700/720 can also accept DJ-8M-QA( 4P.8L ) by Maxell.


As far as I can see, 5537 and 5538 can take both Parity and Non-Parity memory cards except 5538-Z. I myself have not yet confirmed it. At least 5537-ZAC can take both parity and non-parity. Some models have "Parity check disable option" in Easy Setup Menu and others are designed to use Non-Parity memory cards (Of course parity card can be used as Non-Parity memory. Parity bit of such cards may just ignored by the system).

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