AIX for N40 Patches

I managed to snag these before the darkness fell.
support_peripherals.pdf   Supported Peripherals for the SPARCbook

Snippets on AIX for N40 (extracts from software announcement)

Installing These Packages

To install the ISDN package run 'smit install_latest', press F4 and select the CD-ROM drive as the install device. Enter 'all' in the 'SOFTWARE to install' field, and select 'yes' or 'no' as required in the 'COMMIT software' field. Press [Return] twice to complete installation.

You will notice that the installp fix (bos.obj.tp00003) is automatically installed BEFORE the ISDN package. This is normal.

   To install the update packages the process is similar, but the initial fast-path command will be 'smit install_subsystems'. The device selection is the same, but in this case the 'SOFTWARE to install' field will be pre-set with 'all', and the COMMIT flag will be turned off. Press [Return] twice to complete installation of the fixes.

Note: The default filesystem size of 4MB for /tmp will not be enough for a successful application of the updates. At least 7.8MB must be free in /tmp. Use "smit chfs" to increase the size of /tmp accordingly.

Known Problems

There is a problem with the one or more of the IBM originated X11 fixes removing N40-specific entries from the GAI ODM database. The symptoms are known to appear when attempting to run the OpenGL extension to X11.

If after running the X-server with the GLX extension installed, attempts to run OpenGL programs or demonstrations fail with a message like...

Window type not found!
  X Error of failed request:  GLXBadDrawable (invalid GLX Drawable)
    Major opcode of failed request:  143 (GLX)
    Minor opcode of failed request:  11 (X_GLXSwapBuffers)
    Serial number of failed request:  10
    Current serial number in output stream:  10

...then you should check the GAI database by typing the following command:

  ODMDIR=/usr/lib/objrepos odmget -q 'Adapter_Id = 76021760' GAI

Your screen should list four entries as follows (the order of the entries is not important):

# ODMDIR=/usr/lib/objrepos odmget -q 'Adapter_Id = 76021760' GAI

        Adapter_Id = 76021760
        Module_Key = "0x400"
        Module_Path = "loadAncSoft"

        Adapter_Id = 76021760
        Module_Key = "ddx"
        Module_Path = "adapter9.r4/loadddx"

        Adapter_Id = 76021760
        Module_Key = "rms"
        Module_Path = "adapter9.r4/loadrms"

        Adapter_Id = 76021760
        Module_Key = "0x350"
        Module_Path = "3dm5/loadsoftm5"

You may find that the last entry is missing. To replace it, and correct the problem with OpenGL, type the following exactly as shown, except that <Ctrl-D> is typed as a single control key.

ODMDIR=/usr/lib/objrepos odmadd 
Adapter_Id = 76021760
Module_Key = "0x350"
Module_Path = "3dm5/loadsoftm5"

Note: You may have to type TWO Ctrl-D characters to get the shell prompt back.

You will have to re-start the X-server before running any OpenGL programs.
If you start the X-server manually, the command line will be something like:

    xinit -- -x GLX -x abx -x mbx

ADDRTS.C  Program to add hardware flow control to the modem 

UPDATE bos.tp00003
   This update changes installp and ckprereq to prevent the loading of BOS updates that might affect the correct operation of the N40. This update should be loaded before attempting to load any BOS updates.  This update will automatically be loaded before any other update or package on this CD-ROM.

PACKAGE isdn.0295
   This is the ISDN software package for the N40, current as of February 2nd 1995. This is the only full package on this CD, the other files being updates (fixes) for BOS, NCE and X11. (Note: This patch is on hold pending release review)

lpp.bios   lpp.bios - corrected file

UPDATE nce.tpn0002, nce.tpn0003
  These updates allow the use of the ISDN package under NCE. They also fix someproblems present in the A.2 release of NCE2. 


UPDATE sfd.tpd0001
   This is an update to the SCSI Diskette Driver package on the AIX 3.2.5 for N40 Version A.2 CD.  The update has been issued to support the use of the 1.44Mb capacity external SCSI Diskette unit.


UPDATE x11rte.tpx0003
   This package includes new versions of the N40-specific X-Windows modules which work correctly with updated X servers from IBM PTFs. These versions allow the installation of IBM PTFs without reintroducing some known problems.

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