7009 Compact Server

7009 Compact Server Operators Guide
7009 Compact Server Service Guide

194-142 RS/6000 Model C10 Compact Server 80MHz PPC604
   Requires AIX 3.2.5 (plus enhancements) or above
194-238 RS/6000 Model C10 Features And Enhancements
195-184 RS/6000 Model C20 Compact Server And Model Upgrade 120MHz PPC604
   Requires AIX 4.1.3 or above

SA23-2716-01 7009 Compact Server Installation and Svc Guide (1.2MB)
SA23-2715-01 User's Guide (1.3MB)

C10 and C20 Processor Card
7006 Planar

7009 Front

7009 Operator's Panel

7009 Rear

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