7012 Common Devices

Serial Ports on Models 320, 32E, 32H  (520, 530, 540, and 550 plus 930 and 950)

NOTE: Please check your ports before getting a MODU cable. I have seen systems identified as -320, but with DB25 ports in the "Plate" location.

Pin Signal
1 Transmit Data
2 Data Terminal Ready
3 Request to Send
4 Ring Indicate
5 Reserved
6 Receive Data
7 Data Set Ready
8 Clear to Send
9 Data Carrier Detect
10 Signal Ground

MODU connector to an RJ-45 plug 00G0943 or 59F3740 Original HERE 

The adapter is a 14 inch cable with a female MODU connector on one end and a male DB-25 connector on the other. The cable has an IBM part number (or an FRU) of either 00G0943 or 59F3740. To quote again from the IBM RT FAQ, question H.10:

NOTE: Metering the IBM RS6000 stubby cable P/N 00G0943 matches this pinout.

     Pin#   1   2  3   4  5  6  7  8  9  10      10-PIN MODU  female
            |   |  |   |  |  |  |  |  |  |
            |   |  |   |     |  |  |  |  +--+
            |   |  |   |     |  |  |  |  |  |
            2  20  4  22     3  6  5  8  7  1    DB25 male connector

       NOTE: pin 5 of the MODU connector is unused.

AMP MODU Part Numbers (P/N)

Housing 102394-3
Cover 102541-3
Back Cover 102536-3
Ferrule 102903-3
Receptacle 2-87195-0
Receptacle 86491-4
Shield Kit 103125-2


FRU (old) Standard I/O 10-pin to 25-pin converter cable
00G0943 (59F3740) 14” Wrkstn (or is that 4"?)
81F8977 (59F4533) 10’CPU drawer

You will see the maddening (and NOT very helpful) "shipped with the system"

Keyboard Keyclicks Without Keyboard Speaker? 
  Some systems were shipped without a speaker in the keyboard or system unit (specifically, the "Quiet Touch"). The following shows the keyboard attached to a speaker box with a 3 ft. cable which attaches to the standard I/O port K. The speaker box has a keyboard connector to pass the keyboard signals through to the keyboard. The keyboard cable is supplied with the keyboard.

Optional Keyboard Cable with Speaker  (FC #6599 or FRU 93H8878)

RS6000 Keyboard Port Pinout Versus PS/2 Keyboard Port Pinout

Gathering data, but why you couldn't cobble together a small enclosure with a fully wired RS6000 Keyboard port, pull out the two connectors needed for the speaker, and pass the keyboard signals to a normally wired KB port to feed a Model M, I dinna ken.

RS/6000 Keyboard
PS/2 Keyboard

RS6K Signal SDL + DCv
1 +KBD DATA B 4.8-5.5
2 Spkr Signal F  
3 Ground C  
4 +5.0 Vdc E 2.0-5.5
5 +KBD CLK D 2.0-5.5
6 Spkr Gnd A  
Shield Frame Gnd Shield  
PS/2 Signal SDL + DCv
1 +KBD DATA B 4.8-5.5
2 Reserved F  
3 Ground C  
4 +5.0 Vdc E 2.0-5.5
5 +KBD CLK D 2.0-5.5
6 Reserved A  
Shield Frame Gnd Shield  

The speaker is a little 8 ohm, 0.2W job, IBM part number 1392326

7012 Thick/Thin Ethernet Riser P/N 52G4737  FRU 43G0382 Card 2-8

F1 1 A, 250V fuse
J1 planar connector
J2 Select AUI / coax
J3 AUI connector 
J4 BNC connector
PS1 Valor PM6030
U1 Intel D82C501AD
U2 DP8392CN-1
Y1 20.000 MHz xtal

PS1 Valor PM6030 12V to 9V power regulator

DP8392C  Datasheet
D82C501AD Datasheet

 Place two jumper blocks on upper two rows of pins for AUI, or on lower two rows for BNC

7012 Twisted-Pair Ethernet Riser P/N 32G2000  FRU 00G1276 Card 2-9

DS1 Green LED
J2 RJ45
U1 D82C501AD
Y1 20.000 MHz osc

Daughtercard marked "i82521TB"

 LINK jumper ON 10baseT networks
 LINK jumper OFF network is not 10baseT

 DS1 lights when riser is properly connected to 10baseT network . DS1 off - cable defective / not connected, network not 10bT, or TP riser not properly installed.

D82C501AD Datasheet 

7012 SCSI Bus Extension Card  P/N 51G9781   FRU 00G2721

Rick says:
   As you can see, there's not much to this "SCSI Bus Extension Card".  It has a 62 card edge connector (31 on each side) that plugs into the planar, and two standard SCSI narrow connectors (CN1, CN2) are available to attach 3.5-inch SCSI hard drives.

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