195-237 IBM RS/6000 MODEL 591
SALES 7013-591 IBM RS/6000 Model 591 (dead)

7013 Common Parts

CPU Card
XIO Planar

Thanks to Rick Ekblaw for scans.

CPU Card FRU P/N 93H4880, P/N 93H4881

U1 77MHz POWER2 CPU, 26H4418
U2 50G6946 "CLOCK"
U3 51G9835 "MEM PAL"
U4 39H9062 D87C51FC1, "OCS"
U5 99F1719 "XIO"
U6 93H4882 "IPLROS" TMS27C040-12,
TCW0 70G6817 256Kx36 cache SIMM
J4-11 Memory card
J12 2x8 pin connector
J13,14,16 Power Connector
J36 4x82-pin connector to XIO planar
Y1 154.000 MHz osc for CPU
Y2 40.1500 MHz osc for I/O
Y3 3.906250 MHz osc for Time-Of-Day clock
Y4 ?

The "EM1" area with Y1-Y3 and U2 usually has a metal plate mounted on the visible spring clips. The heat sink that is normally mounted on the processor plate stands just over 2 inches high.

The 591 uses the S5 memory card, system can handle 2GB of memory. The Model 591 is a quad-word system if two memory cards are installed and an eight-word system if four memory cards are installed. Total memory cards in the machine can only be two, four, or eight. Memory must be installed in combinations of two, four, or eight cards.

The first two (if only two cards installed) or first four (if four cards installed) memory cards installed must be installed in pairs and of equal capacity (for example all 32MB). The second set of four memory cards installed can be of any available supported capacity but also must be of equal capacity to each other and installed simultaneously.

XIO Slots Planar FRU P/N 73H2604, P/N 73H2605

J28,30-35 32-bit MCA slots
J29 32-bit MCA slot w/ AVE
J36 4x82-pin connector to CPU planar
J37 2x30-pin HD connector for I/O panel
J38 50-pin SCSI connector
J39 2x30-pin HD connector for font panel
J40,41 Power connector
J56 Pads for connector
J? Floppy drive connector
U2 81F8890 PAL?
U6 81F9018 (Toshiba TC140G44AF GA)
U12 NS PC16553DV Dual UART
U16 Pads for QFP
U19 PAL 73H2606
U22 65G7530
U24 00G2743
U26 81F8125 (Toshiba TC140G44AF GA)
U27,28 CXK58257AM-10L 32Kx8 SRAM
U29 Intel N80C186XL20
U30 81F8929(ESD)
U33 51G8834
U34 81F9021 (LSI GA?)
U35 ST M???
U91 51G9846
U1F (on back) 40H2913
Y1 14.3181 MHz osc
Y2 24.0 MHz osc
Y3,4,9 PTC fuse
Y5 32.768 kHz xtal
Y6 9.216 MHz osc
Y7 39.95 MHz osc
Y8 31.95 MHz osc

J29 32-bit MCA slot w/ AVE - For mechanical compatibility only or do the traces actually go somewhere (aside from pullups possibly)?
J37 2x30-pin HD connector for I/O panel - keyboard, mouse, tablet, 2x serial, parallel
J39 2x30-pin HD connector for font panel - keylock, 3-digit display, reset button, battery

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