RS/6000 Keyboard

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RS6000 Keyboard Port Pinout Versus PS/2 Keyboard Port Pinout

Gathering data, but why you couldn't cobble together a small enclosure with a fully wired RS6000 Keyboard port, pull out the two connectors needed for the speaker, and pass the keyboard signals to a normally wired KB port to feed a Model M, I dinna ken.

RS/6000 Keyboard Pinout
PS/2 Keyboard Pinout

Keyclicks Without Keyboard Speaker?

Some systems were shipped without a speaker in the keyboard or system unit (specifically, the "Quiet Touch"). The following shows the keyboard attached to a speaker box with a 3 ft. cable which attaches to the standard I/O port K. The speaker box has a keyboard connector to pass the keyboard signals through to the keyboard. The keyboard cable is supplied with the keyboard.

Optional Keyboard Cable with Speaker (FC #6599 or FRU 93H8878)

Keyboard Speaker

The speaker is a little 8 ohm, 0.2W job, IBM part number 1392326.

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