FDDI Single Ring Adapter (Type 2-6)

Crossover Cable
Wrap Plug 92F9003

FDDI Single Ring Adapter 81F8981?

2-R looks OEM-ish, 2-6 screams heavy-handed IBM.

? FDDI xcvr
P2 Connector to DAS
U4 AM79C81AGC/10
U? 17x MT5C2564DJ-35
U14 MCA Bus Interface [81F8516ESD?]
U15 AM79C83GC
U? AM7984AJC/20 (under heatsink?)
U51 AM7985AJC/10
U28 81F8988
U22 81F8987
U31 Blue 91F1059
U37 75.0000 MHz osc
U? PLCC68 33G5456 / D12063FN

The DIP in the lower left corner is P/N 31G9394, the white sticker to lower left of the blue chip says 31G9393.

Note: Some chips may be off a little.

AM7984AJC FDDI Encoder Decoder (ENDEC)
AM7985AJC FDDI ENDEC Data Separator (EDS)
AM79C81AGC CMOS RAM Buffer Controller (RBC)
AM79C82AGC Data Path Controller (DPC)

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