HD Shows up as DASD


If you view the SCSI devices under system programs and there is a  device type "Direct Access" - no size shown, where there should be a hard drive with size in MB, then it might be set for a sector size other than 512.

From DEO (who might never, ever, ever come home):

So I booted from a PC DOS 7 diskette, then ran 520to512.exe from the floppy drive.  First a splash screen came up with credits, then I got a table showing "SCSI ID" and "Device Type", and a message, "Only one device found (ID 6). Hit any key to continue." (Ed. changes with # of drives on your system)

Then a splash screen said, "Executing a mode scan to determine drives current... (something or other)", then a screen that said, "Drive is currently set at 522 bytes/sector", and at the bottom "F3 - Exit" and "Press Enter to continue."

The next screen asked, "Do you want the drive to reflect a PS/2 environment? If not, only the # of bytes/sector will be changed", and at the bottom, "Press F2 for PS/2 Environment" and "Press Enter to only change... (whatever)."

So I went with the F2 and it did some work (sorry, I stopped taking notes at this point), then asked me if I wanted to format the drive, asked me to confirm that and then it did what looked just like an LLF.  When it was done I booted to the refdisk with no errors and the hard drive looked okay in "set and view SCSI devices".

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