Adapter IDs and ADF Files

The following table shows the recommended ID values for vendors.
(Source: HITR - Micro Channel Adapter Design, phys. page 30)

ID (hex)Definition
0000Device Not Ready
0001 – 0FFFBus Master Devices
1000 – 4FFFNot Specified
5000 – 5FFFDirect Memory Access (DMA) Devices
6000 – 6FFFDirect Program Control (including Memory Mapped I/O)
7000 – 7FFFStorage *
7DB8 – 7DBFPrototypes **
8000 – 81FFVideo
8200 – FFFEIBM Products
FFFFDevice Not Attached

* Multiple-function adapters containing storage typically respond as storage.

** The adapter IDs hex 7DB8 through 7DBF are reserved for the prototyping, developing, and testing of adapters and adapter designs and for adapters used in the testing of system designs.
Note: Do not use these IDs for purposes other than the local development of your adapters or systems.

Warning: Not all manufacturers and products adhered to these guidelines! Many exceptions exist and unfortunately even some adapter IDs are shared by two or more unique boards...

More information about ADF files can be found HERE.

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