Winsprint 1000i (5075)
Also called Artist 1000i MC

   The SIMM socket is for program memory for the graphics proc. It is used by the graphic processor only, like for ACAD drawlists or so. The SIMM is NOT used as video memory. 

This card does 256 colors under Win 3.1x (I've run it). Wish it did more.... 

@80C7.adf Artist Winsprint 1000i    Artist 1000 Series INTRO Program (xj1000 / ws1000)  ARTIST 1000 Series OS/2 2.11/Warp Driver Ver 1.23 (xj1000 / ws1000)  WinSprint 1000i Win 3.1x Driver Ver 2.04  WinSprint 1000 Series Display Driver for Win95  Ver 1.00k   WinSprint 1000 MC Series Win NT 3.51 Driver Ver 1.5   ARTIST 1000 Series Win NT 4.0 Driver Ver 1.0 (xj1000 all over it)

Winsprint 1000i (5075) 
ADF Sections

Winsprint 1000i (5075)
JP1 Video Out 
JP2 H-V/Comp Sync 
JP3 Base Video in 
U1 Artist GA123 (GPX) 
U2 50.000000 MHz Osc
U10 Xilinx XC3042-70 PQ100C 
U27 72 pin SIMM socket 
U28-U35 NEC D482234LE-80 
U37 AT&T ATT20C458-17 
Y1 14.31818 KHz Xtal

JP2 Pins 3-2 Horizontal and Vertical sync for HDD15 / 5 lead cables (upper pins)
       Pins 2-1 Comp Sync for four lead cables (lower pins)
              NOTE: Sync On Green (SOG) is NOT supported.

The 1000i can be run with single or dual screens. It is a true Base Video Adapter, and does not require a video slot.

JP1 - Output. Single screen - connect planar video to JP3. Dual screen  - Connect a monitor to JP1 and another monitor to planar video.

JP3 - Input for single screen passthrough. 

U1- Artist GA123- Also called GPX.  L1A6593KJ100 

U27 72 pin SIMM, 80nS or faster.  1,2,4,8 MB supported.
From Gereon Wenzel 
   The SIMM socket is ONLY for program memory for the graphics processor [like for ACAD drawlists or so]. You can find these on various TIGA Boards like ELSA Gemini MC or Hercules Graphics Station MC too.

U28-U35 2MB VRAM  NEC D482234LE-80 Datasheet   

U37   AT&T ATT20C458-17 Datasheet 

U39-41 EL2020CN 50 MHz Current Feedback Amplifier  

Supports horizontal scan rates of 31.5kHz to 102 kHz.

Supports refresh rate of 60Hz to 76Hz.

2MB of VRAM on board. You must add a 2MB SIMM (at a minimum) to use PowerCache.

Artist Crumbs
   In 1992, ARTIST Graphics introduced the GPX, the first combination 3D/Windows accelerator chip. In 1993, ARTIST introduced the WinSprint 1000i, the first image display controller with a scan range from VGA to 1600 x 1200 at a 76 Hz refresh rate. Imaging magazine named the 1000i its product of the year, recognizing ARTIST Graphics for introducing color to the document imaging market at an affordable price. Ed. I searched Imaging Magazine a while back- no hits on GPX, WinSprint, or anything relevant. 

Adapter Description File for the ARTIST 1000i MC Series Version 1.0 

AdapterId 080C7H ARTIST 1000i MC Series 

PC I/O Address
     <03EXh & 07EXh>, 02CX & 06CX, 02DX & 06DX, 02EX & 06EX 

PC Memory Address - Below 1MB
   This 16 KB block in memory maps into two 8 KB windows in the GPX memory space. These 8 KB windows can each be mapped to start at any 8 KB boundary in the GPX memory space. If the PC memory address is configured or disabled, the software you are using with the ARTIST 1000i MC accelerator will use the default. 
   <CC00-CFFF>, C800-CBFF, D000-D3FF, D400-D7FF, D800-DBFF, DC00-DFFF, Disabled 

Data Bus Sizing
   The ARTIST 1000i MC can operate in a 16 bit or 32 bit MC card slot. 
     <32 Bits>, 16 Bits 

Interrupt Level
   The ARTIST 1000i MC can use INT 5, 7, 10, 11 or interrupts may be disabled 
     <Disabled>, 5, 7, 10, 11 

PC Memory Address - Above 1MB
   A PC memory address above 1MB should only be used for UNIX systems. The default is decoding above 1MB is disabled. 
     <Disabled>, 2MB - 4MB, 4 - 6, 6 - 8, 8 - 10, 10 - 12, 12 - 14, 14 - 16 

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