AVM B1 Active ISDN

@61C7.ADF AVM ISDN Controller B1-MCA
@61C7.ADF AVM ISDN Controller B1-MCA (broken German characters?)

AVM B1 Active ISDN
ADF Sections

Drivers for Win.311, Win9x, NT and Linux are available at: http://www.avm.de

AVM B1 Active ISDN (Helmut P. Einfalt sent this)

M = Memory chips (8 x 44C256 80 ns) 
Below these there are eight empty sockets that look as if they could take another set of 44C256... 

SM = 9-pin Sub-D socket male 
SF =  9-pin Sub-D socket female 
The male plugs into a 9-SubD to Western style ISDN cable, the female accepts a male equipped (with only four pins) that ends in a (German style?) 2x4 ISDN "telephone-style" plug similar to the German 2x3 TAE plug (top 2x2 populated). 

MO = Motorola MOC B100 V051 
9024 = 9024 AV 13087 VGT 7664-2048 88C01 
SAB = Siemens SAB 82525 N HSCX VA3 
PEB = Siemens PEB 2085N ISAC-5VA3 

103 = VAC ZKB 402/103-80 3645-AD 
113 = VAC ZKB 402/113-54 2625-AN 

420SB= Inmos B IMST 400 B 420SB 
50MHZ = VX 8111 5.000 MHz osc. 

17 = COM 81C17 
MC = MC145406P 

05AF = Inmos 9105 AF 

The following are all Texas Intruments: 
18 = TI B 9118 

06AF = F 9106 AF 
06AS = F 9106 AS 
06SX = F 9106 XS 

10CR = F 9110 CR 
10DS = F 9110 DS 
10XF = F 9110 XF 

14CR = F 9114 CR 
14DR = F 9114 DR 
14DS = F 9114 DS 
14XS = F 9114 XS 

18AF = F 9118 AF 

35DR = F 9035 DR 
40XR = F 9040 XR 

61C7.adf  AVM ISDN Controller B1-MCA

I/O Basisadresse des Controllers" 
 <150h (0150-0167)>, 1050h (01050-01067), 2050h (02050-02067), 3050h (03050-03067) 

Interrupt des Controllers 
 <5>, 6, 7, 3,  4 

   Presently, I've got the MCA card to work under Win311 and Win95 (should work under 98, too, if you get that running at all). Since it is an ***active*** ISDN card powered by its own processor, the workload on the machine is tiny -- no noticeable slowing down on the 9595-xNx. 
As for NT, I've managed to get the card recognized and installed (both the service and the driver), however, every time I start Fritz! - that should plug into the capi port -- it tells me there is no CAPI 2 present. If I hit the "Load B1" button,  it tells me that the IRQ (5) and the I/O port (150h) are already occupied (which is no surprise since the card is loaded at startup....). I'm still working on that one. 
   The main advantage of the AVM card over, say, the IBM WaveRunner, is that AVM have managed to implement a perfectly working CAPI 2.0 interface on every kind of card they made. And there is the really outstanding Fritz! software (downloadable at the above site, too) that plugs into AVM's CAPI port -- excellent for faxing/voice mail, but foremost for data transfer (on tow lines simultaneously at 2x64 kbit, giving huuuge transfer rates with V42 soft compression, especially if there is another FRITZ! at the other end). The necessary software (WIN.311, 9x and NT) is downloadable from the above site. 
   I've not yet managed to get the card running under Linux, however, it is one of the projects running, and I think we should come up with a solution in due course. 

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