Everex 942 Modem

@6612.ADF Evercom 24/2 Modem

Does anyone have the option disk for this adapter or any supporting files (beside the ADF)?
This card may also be known as the Evercom 24/2 Modem.

Based on content by William R. Walsh (original HERE).

Everex 942 Modem

Everex 942 Modem

J1 RJ-11 Extension Phone
J2 RJ-11 Wall Plug
JMP1,2 Unknown (set as shown)
T? 8 pin transformer
U1 CAT93C46P Serial EEPROM
U2 Siemens 8032
U5 ROM "Everex EV-942-5-E"
U6 Empty socket (PCB says "55257")
U9 Macronix MS16C450 UART
U10 Rockwell R5311-29
U11 R5310-38
U? Rockwell 10464-16 (?)
VR1-3 Surge protectors/MOVs?
Y1 11.0592 MHz
Y2 11.98135 MHz

U1 CAT93C46P - "3 Wire/Microwire Serial EEPROM". An equivalent to this part is the Microchip 93AA46P. Who has the datasheet?

The short 16-bit tab of this card is pretty bare and has only one contact pad on it.

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