P90 Platform Tuning

Table of Contents

[-0-]  Version History, Disclaimer & Legal Info
[-1-]  Precautions and Warnings before you start
[-2-]  Introduction to the Type 4 "Y" Pentium 90 Platform
[-3-]  The importance of cooling certain components
[-4-]  Modification A) Using a Pentium Overdrive 180 / 200
[-5-]  Modification B) Hardwiring the BF0 / BF1 Pins for different Bus / Core ratios
[-6-]  Modification C) Changing the Base Clock from 60 to 66 MHz
[-7-]  Modification D) Using a Pentium MMX 233 MHz with an Interposer
[-8-]  Problems, Workarounds and other stuff

Content by Peter H. Wendt (original HERE). Edited by Major Tom.

Version History

Ver. Description Author Publish Date
0.9.0 First Rough Draft. Peter 06 Dec 2000
0.9.1 Stuff on Page 8 added / minor changes. Peter 13 Dec 2001
0.9.2 Attempted to update and fix various errors. Peter 23 Feb 2009
0.9.3 Added the Slot 1 heatsink hack on Page 3. Peter 24 Feb 2009
0.9.4 And even more minor changes. While I'm on it.
60 to 66 MHz oscillator change page done.
Peter 26 Feb 2009
0.9.5 Finally added the MMX Interposer page. Peter 28 Feb 2009
0.9.? YARM - Yet Another Regulator Module added Peter 11 Mar 2009
1.0.0 All pages have content now. Finally...
Moved the BIOS comment to Page 1 due to its very delicate nature and potential risks.
Removed 'Madex' from MMX Interposer page.
Finally correct links to MCA Mafia page.
'Beautified' some parts and eliminated typos.
Peter 11 Mar 2009
1.0.1 Integrated to the Ardent Tool website.
Simplified the style a bit.
Tom 23 Aug 2016
1.0.2 Completely rewritten some sections, modified the rest.
Corrected some factual inaccuracies.
Expanded some technical details.
Cross-linked with the other Tool pages.
Fixed a whole bunch of typos.
Restyled again to closer match the rest of The Tool.
Unified style of picture previews.
Tom 01 May 2020
1.0.3 Changed date format to DD Mmm YYYY.
Additional info about BIOS revisions.
Tom 02 Sep 2020
1.0.4 Tweaked BIOS info.
Style and file name changes.
Tom 03 Feb 2021
1.0.5 Minor changes only Tom 15 Mar 2021

Last Update: 15 Mar 2021 by Major Tom

Disclaimer & Legal Info

The information on the following pages is provided without any warranty. If you decide to realize any of the modifications described here you are doing so at your own risk! The authors can't be held responsible for any damages or losses arising from use of this information.

The maintainer is not affiliated with IBM, Intel or any other company mention on these pages. All trademarks used here belong to their original owners.

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