Memory Error Codes
for Model 56 / 57, 76 / 77, 85 and 90 / 95

Assumed you get a memory error in the Format 0002XXSY you could find out the failing module with this chart below.
The -X- in the error-code can be any number, -S- marks the position of the memory socket, -Y- determines the module type, size and access-speed.

S: Values for the Module Location
S56 / 5776 / 7790 (Riser)85 / 95
0Configuration mismatch / Run Setup
1Mem 1Mem 1J1 (J11)A1
2Mem 2Mem 2J2B1
3Mem 3Mem 3J3A2
4N/AMem 4J4B2
5N/AN/AJ1 (J14)A3
CAny *)
*) If the value for Y=Z there might be no valid module or no module at all installed.
For details see Here!

Y: Values for Memory Type, Size and Speed
0Parity4 MB80 ns
1Parity2 MB100 ns
2Parity1 MB100 ns
4Parity4 MB70 ns
5Parity2 MB85 ns
6Parity1 MB85 ns
8Parity8 MB80 ns
9Parity2 MB80 ns
AParity16 MB70 ns
BParity8 MB70 ns
CParity2 MB70 ns
DParity2 MB120 ns
EParity1 MB120 ns
KECC16 MB70 ns
QECC4 MB70 ns
RECC32 MB70 ns
SECC8 MB70 ns
TECC2 MB70 ns

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