IBM1FLPY.ADD and IBM2FLPY.ADD Diskette-Driver Statements in OS/2 Warp

Technical Document # - 1175809

Family: Operating Systems
Product: OS/2 Warp
Release: 3.0
Syslevel: XR03000

Last Updated: 01/19/1998


IBM1FLPY.ADD and IBM2FLPY.ADD Diskette-Driver Statements in OS/2 Warp


After the installation of OS/2 Warp and OS/2 Warp Fullpack, the
CONFIG.SYS file contains two diskette-driver statements:
IBM1FLPY.ADD and IBM2FLPY.ADD. Only one of the drivers is
loaded; the other just takes up disk space. You can erase the
one that is not loaded. This document describes how to determine
which one you can erase.


The following shows which driver you can erase for your system.

    System                     Erase

  ISA, EISA, PCI             IBM2FLPY.ADD

  PCM Micro Channel          IBM2FLPY.ADD
  Non-IBM Micro Channel

  IBM PS/2 Micro Channel     IBM1FLPY.ADD


* IBM1FLPY.ADD with /MCA works on the IBM PS/2 Micro Channel

* If installation is from DMF diskettes, use IBM1FLPY.ADD /MCA
 for IBM PS/2 Micro Channel systems.

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