PS/2 8580 Common Problems

POST Error Codes of 162 and 163
Battery replacement
Opening a Model 8580 (or 8560) case that has been locked.
Model 50, 60, 70, or 80 Password Override Jumper
XGA-2 Install attempt failing after copy of ADF files

POST Error Codes of 162 and 163

162 => CMOS checksum error or adapter ID mismatch (Hardware configuration does not match saved information.)
163 => Date and time not set.

This combination of errors is usually the result of a weak or failed battery. The 6 volt lithium batteries usually last for about six to eight years. Recently, I was surprised to discover that the shelf life of one common replacement battery was about eight years! The battery for the 8580 is located in the bottom front corner next to the speaker, and can most cheaply be replaced by a common camera battery "CR-P2" or equivalent which will be available at your local camera or drug store. Once the battery has been replaced, it will be necessary to either reload the saved configuration from the reference diskette, OR obtain a new reference diskette  RF7080A.EXE  from the IBM ftp site and collect various option diskettes, or ADFs associated with each installed adapter. A quick solution is usually to obtain the ADF files from the ADF collection.

Battery replacement


Opening a Model 8580 (or 8560) case that has been locked.

Compliments of  "Tony Ingenoso"  < > :

It's very easy if there's no card in the bottom slot, less easy if there is.

1) flip the machine upside down
2) Remove tall front bezel
3) Loosen lower (now upper when upside down) slot retainer
4) Take a thin blade screwdriver and push the slot blank into the case
5) With a flashlight, you should now be able to see the front and rear
retaining tabs on the bottom (now top) of the side cover.
6) Lever down on these retaining tabs with a long thin screw driver until they release. From the rear you'll be going in through the slot hole, from the front you'll be going in through one of the ~3/8" holes the bezel snaps into. It will be obvious which is the right one to use once you take a peek with the flash light.

Once the first tab is clear, pull the cover out enough to slip a shim in so it doesn't snap back in place again on you. Once both are clear, the cover will come off.

If there is a card in the bottom slot, it presents more of a problem. If it looks like something you don't mind wasting, loosen the retainer, pull on connectors to get it out of the MCA slot and jam/twist/break enough of the thin metal out of the way so you can get in with the long thin screwdriver.

ALTERNATIVE APPROACH: -- drill a couple of small holes in the bottom of the case where the cover tabs are located, then use these holes to apply pressure to the tabs to get them to release. This doesn't involve having to waste something in slot 8, but it does involve mangling the case to a very minor degree. Use a depth gauge!!! If you drill through the retaining tab, there'll be nothing to push on ;-)

Model 50, 60, 70, 80 Password Override Jumper

  1. Power-off the computer and unplug the power cord.
  2. Remove the system-unit cover.
  3. If the speaker assembly has pins, short pins 2 and 3 together.
  4. If the speaker assembly does not have pins, insert a meter lead into connector 1 and short the other end of the lead to frame ground.

With the assembly shorted, power-on the computer. This erases the power-on password. Remove the short after POST is finished.

Battery & Speaker mounting, showingpassword jumpers

XGA-2 Install attempt failing after copy of ADF files

Compliments of  "Jim Shorney"  < > :

You need to boot on the XGA option disk and select the menu item to 'Update Model 70/80 Reference Diskette'.

:help id='Update Model 70/80 Reference Diskette ' langid=enu. This selection copies Set Configuration (SC.EXE), associated system and option configuration files to your backup copy of the Model 70/80 Reference diskette.  When prompted for the target drive, enter the diskette drive letter that contains your backup copy of the reference diskette.

The new Set Configuration program and associated files allow users to take advantage of the newest features and functions.

This update requires reference diskette version 1.10 or greater. Any previous version will not work properly with this update. 

Compliments of  "Al Savage"  < >

The problem was: with only an XGA-2 card installed, the memory would  count up, then a "165" error occurred.  Running a fresh refdisk v1.12,  containing the appropriate two adf files (@8fda.adf & c8fda.adf) and  allowing Auto Configuration would produce this error:

[in a red text box]
An error occurred while reading the option adapter file for the adapter  in slot X. 

and the "165" error would reoccur after next reboot.

The solution: The v1.12 refdisk contains files whose modification dates are all 1990,  and does not accomodate XGA-2. 

To use the XGA-2 with an 8580, the v1.12 refdisk *must* be modified  using the file XGA2ADP.EXE  ( ); almost file  dates are 1993. 

Running XGA2ADP.exe creates a diskette.  You then boot this diskette, it creates a RAMdisk, copies files to the RAMDISK, and a menu batch file is invoked.  The menu presents several choices of refdisks to update:


You choose a model, and are prompted for a drive letter to update.  I  chose A:, and was prompted to insert the refdisk diskette.  The refdisk  modification process took about three minutes.  Rebooting with the  modified refdisk -- and an XGA-2 card installed -- yielded an Autoconfig with no errors, and the following reboot showed no 165 error.

(best viewed with a monospace/non-proportional typeface)
These files are added during modification:

8FDAM     .DGS   42,678 .a..  3-24-93
@8FDB     .ADF    5,204 .a..  5-14-92
@CMOS                41 .a..  8-22-99
@NVRAM            8,192 .a..  8-22-99
AVGA      .DGS   55,819 .a..  6-11-93
C8FDB     .ADF    3,712 .a..  6-11-93
DFF9F     .ADF    1,144 .a..  1-01-93
DISPLAY   .DGS      142 .a..  1-08-92
PFF9F     .ADF   10,554 .a..  1-01-93
SFF9F     .ADF    7,956 .a..  1-01-93
SWAYISO   .DGS       67 .a..  6-11-93
XGA       .DGS       67 .a..  6-11-93
XGAANI    .DGS       67 .a..  6-11-93
XGAPNI    .DGS       67 .a..  6-11-93

These files are replaced/updated during modification:

@8EFE     .ADF    4,391 .a..  1-01-93
@8EFF     .ADF    4,399 .a..  1-01-93
@DDFF     .ADF    3,134 .a..  1-01-93
C8EFE     .ADF    3,301 .a..  1-01-93
C8EFF     .ADF    3,301 .a..  1-01-93
CDDFF     .ADF    2,589 .a..  1-01-93
CMD       .COM   48,262 .a..  1-15-92
DDFFF     .ADF      147 .a..  1-01-93
DF3FF     .ADF      147 .a..  1-01-93
DF9FF     .ADF      147 .a..  1-01-93
DFCFF     .ADF      147 .a..  1-01-93
DFDFF     .ADF      235 .a..  1-01-93
DFEFF     .ADF      224 .a..  1-01-93
DIAGS     .COM   15,911 .a..  1-15-92
PDFFF     .ADF    1,477 .a..  1-01-93
PF3FF     .ADF    1,477 .a..  1-01-93
PF9FF     .ADF    1,910 .a..  1-01-93
PFCFF     .ADF    1,910 .a..  1-01-93
PFDFF     .ADF    1,477 .a..  1-01-93
PFEFF     .ADF    1,477 .a..  1-01-93
SC        .EXE  219,999 .a..  7-22-92
VGA     (incomplete?)

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