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On this page you find several links to different pages for Linux for IBM Personal Systems 2 (PS/2) or compatibles with IBM-Microchannel-architecture (MCA). During the 80s, mainly IBM produced several Models (50, 56, 70, 80, 90, 95, 2-95, and others) which where delivered with a special bus system called Microchannel, working on current-sense bus-lines. The Microchannel exists in two different bit-widths, that are 16- and 32-Bit. The invention of MCA can be seen as the start of the new generation of PC-bus. PCI is the final result of this development up to today. MCA was beside EISA a revolution of the slow ISA-bus and came with 33MHz of maximum bus-transfer clock.

As these pages here only offer information about the latest IBM SCSI-Subsystem driver for Linux, I collected som nice links about Linux for Microchannel machines and the Microchannel itself, so you can continue reading, if you need further information. These are the major links to the MCA-Linux-world:

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