Boca Research Async/Parallel Adapters

C. Smith came up with the actual SSP manual. Shazaam!

@60E5.ADF "Dual Async/Parallel Adapter 2"
@60C2.ADF BMCPS2 Ser/Par Long Board (1.0)
@60C9.ADF BMCP01 Parallel Long Board (1.0)
                       Note: ADF in PARLONG.ZIP
@60C9.ADF BMCP01 Parallel Short Board (1.1)

Boca Research Dual Async/Parallel Adapter 2 
   Pinout for 37 Pin DB37
   ADF Sections for SSP
Boca Research Bidirectional Parallel Adapter Short
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Sordid confused about the DAP and the SSP....

Boca Research Dual Async/Parallel Adapter 2 


U1-U3 MC1489A
U4-U5 MC1488
U6 KS82C452
U7 M60013-1006SP
Y1 18.432 MHz Xtal

MCA SSP 1990-1991  Model 4230?

U6 (90) Silicon Logic LD1108 /16C452
U6 (91) Samsung KS82C452

U6 is the Serial Port controller, U7 is the Parallel Port controller.

MCA SSP 1992 

U1 Startech ST16C452CJ

From Carlyle F. Smith
  This is from the original Boca.MCA SSP Installation Guide for the ID=60E5 adapter. 
o 1st column is the 37 D-shell pins
o 2nd column is the 25-pin female D-shell Parallel and  25-pin male D-shell Serial A and Serial B pins

Pin Pin Connector and Designation 
--- --- -------------------------
 1 P18  Signal ground (Actually pins 18-25 are all grounded)
 2   8  Par. Data Bit 6
 3   6  Par. Data Bit 4
 4   4  Par. Data Bit 2
 5   2  Par. Data Bit 0
 6  16  Par. -INIT (Initialize Printer)
 7 P25  Signal ground
 8  15  Par. -ERR  (Error)
 9  11  Par. BUSY  (Busy)
10  10  Par. -ACK  (Acknowledge)
11   8  B -DCD  (Rec'd line Signal Det.)
12  20  B -DTR  (Data Terminal Ready)
13   5  B -CTS  (Clear to Send)
14   4  B -RTS  (Request to Send)
15  A7  Signal ground
16   6  A -DSR  (Data Set Ready)
17  22  A -RI   (Ring Indicator)
18  20  A -DTR  (Data Terminal Ready)
19   4  A -RTS  (Ready to Send)
20   9  Par. Data Bit 7
21   7  Par. Data Bit 5
22   5  Par. Data Bit 3
23   3  Par. Data Bit 1
24   1  Par. -STB  (Strobe)
25  14  Par. -AFD  (Auto Feed)
26  17  Par. -SLIN (Select Input)
27  13  Par. SLCT  (Select)
28  12  Par. PAPE  (Paper End)
29  B7  Signal Ground
30  22  B -RI   (Ring Indicator)
31   6  B -DSR  (Data Set Ready)
32   3  B -RxD  (Received Data)
33   2  B -TxD  (Transmitted Data)
34   8  A -DCD  (Rec'd Line Signal Det.)
35   3  A -RxD  (Rec'd Data)
36   5  A -CTS  (Clear to Send)
37   2  A -TxD  (Transmitted Data)
37-pin D-shell pin assignments to 25-pin connectors:

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
SG P  P  P  P  P SG  P  P  P  B  B  B  B SG  A  A  A  A

 P  P  P  P  P  P  P  P  P SG  B  B  B  B  A  A  A  A
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

Actually, presented this way, The wire bundling makes some sense, as it should.

AdapterId 060E5H   Boca Research Dual Async/Parallel Adapter 2

Serial Port A
   This serial port may be configured at any one of 8 standard base I/O port addresses (SERIAL_1 through SERIAL_8) , or it may be disabled. The standard selections for interrupt levels in the PS/2 family is for SERIAL_1 to be set to INT 4 and for SERIAL_2 through SERIAL_8 to be set to INT 3. The BOCAMCA.SSP supports the microchannel shared interrupt scheme.  This means that more than one serial port may be configured to use the same interrupt level.
   <SERIAL_1     INT 4>  Whole lotta choices

Serial Port B
   <SERIAL_1     INT 4>  Whole lotta choices

Parallel Port
   This is an IBM PS/2 compatible bidirectional parallel port.  It may be configured at any one of the three standard parallel port base I/O addresses (PARALLEL_1 through PARALLEL_3) or it may be disabled.  All parallel ports generate interrupts on INT 7    Note: IBM LPT order!
   <PARALLEL_1   INT 7> (03bch-03bf),  PARALLEL_2   INT 7 (0378h-037b), PARALLEL_3   INT 7 (0278h-027b). DISABLED

Parallel Port Mode
   The BOCA.MCA parallel port, like the systemboard parallel port, has the capability of operating in either bidirectional or unidirectional modes. The bidirectional capability is a new feature of the PS/2 family and will only be used by software specifically written to take advantage of it. The default for this setting is unidirectional mode to ensure backwards compatibility with PC software.
   <Unidirectional>, Bidirectional

Boca Research Bidirectional Parallel Adapter Short

J1 DB25 Parallel
U1 M60013-1006SP

Searching for a Killer
From Carlyle Smith (The Wizard)
   The problem arises with cards that have ostensibly the same ADF ID, but quite different construction.
   There are two versions of the @60C9 bidirectional printer adapter. The _short_ bidirectional parallel port card and the _long_ bidirectional parallel port card (ADF found in PARLONG.ZIP on the Boca site)

The POS Difference
   After the Wiz pointed out the wrong adfs were causing trouble, I looked at the adfs for differences.

Parallel Connector Item


Hopefully, Tim Clarke will tell all of us what the significance of 2 'x's vs. 3 'x's. If I remember, X means that the system doesn't care what the digit is.

Tell Us what the change from X to 1 makes.

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