PS/55 File Collection

Ed. Tom (20.09.2020): I've contacted Sandy (the original author of the PS/55 pages) regarding the previously broken file links, and to my amazement, he was able to find most of the lost files... even after all these years. I've sourced the few last missing files from some other places. So I'm happy to announce that all files linked below are alive again! Special thanks to our PS/55 hero - Sandy.

If you have any other PS/55 files, please contact me.

Creating and Restoring Floppy Images

You can create image files of existing floppies or vice versa using one of following programs:

Most ZIP files listed here contain self-extracting EXE files that when executed will create the corresponding floppy disk (Ref, Diags, etc.). Use the following syntax to run the executable (without the quotes):

   "filename.exe a:" (where "a:" is letter of the target floppy drive)

Files with the LZH extension are compressed using the LZH algorithm. To extract them use LHA.exe or some modern alternative.

Disclaimer: Some of the files on this page were not tested! Use them at your own responsibility!

Reference & Diagnostic Disks
   Server 320/520MCA/PCI
   PC720 6860 (PCI/MCA)
   PC750 6886 (PCI/MCA)
   Other Laptops
   Audio & Video
486 Related

Reference & Diagnostic Disks

File Model Version File Size Remarks
386 Class Ref & Diag for 5530-S,T/5540-T/5550-S,T,V/
5570-T,V (And probably 5545-T) .
1,50 862 KB DOS/V Ref & Diag for 5530/5540/5545/5550/5570 1.36 839 KB JDOS
40REF135.EXE Ref for 5540-T [P/N 79F2502] 1.35 567 KB JDOS
Ref for 5530/5540/5550/5570 386DX . 1.31 JDOS
30Tstart.exe Start Diskette for 5530-T 1.10 JDOS
30SRE126.EXE Ref & Diag for 5530Z-SX [P/N 57F0058] 1.26 JDOS
ST30Z100.EXE Start Diskette for 5530Z-SX [P/N 38F6998] 1.00 JDOS

** Reference diskette for 5530-S/T, 5540-T, 5545-T, 5550-S/T/V, 5570-T/V (386 series)
Versions 1.00 to 1.2x are basically system dependent. Based on JDOS.
Versions 1.3x covers all models. Based on JDOS.
Versions higher than 1.40 are based on DOS/V and covers all models.
Not sure if Ver. 1.50 covers 5550-V2 or not.

** For non-Japanese, you'd better use 3070V150 if you have any of designated system. Ref & Diag for 5530-U/V 1.21/1.02 782 KB DOS/V
30u102d.exe Diag for 5530-U/V [P/N 54G1674] 1.02
Ref for 5530-U 1.10
30v100v.exe Ref Diskette/V for 5530-V 1.00 DOS/V
5530w113.exe Ref for 5530-W (including XGA-1 option) 1.13 DOS/V
5510sre.exe Ref for 5510-S DOS/V
5510tref.exe Ref for 5510-T DOS/V
5510zref.exe Ref for 5510-Z DOS/V Ref/Diag 5535-S0 Ver.1.5 1.5 @ DOS/V
5545r133.exe Ref for 5545 (P-70/386 JP version) [P/N 65F0046] 1.33 JDOS
5545UTL.EXE 5545 Utility Diskette [P/N 64F8330] 1.00
REFSPPL.exe Reference Diskette /V Supplement [P/N 07G3119] 1.00
486 Class Ref & Diag for 5551-N/Y Ver.1.00 1.00 874 KB Ref & Diag for 5551-N/Y Ver. 1.01 1.01 Ref & Diag for 5551-N/Y Ver. 1.11 1.11 920 KB Wierd Ref & Diag for 5530-L, 5551-R/L, 5521-Y Ver. 1.21 1.21 856 KB Ref & Diag for 5530-L, 5551-R/L, 5521-Y Ver. 1.10 1.10 852 KB
51R_fup.lzh BIOS FLASH Update for model 5551-R (for PODP) 1.30 539 KB
51R_dig.lzh Diagnostic Diskette for PODP Flashed 5551R 1.24 423 KB
51W113R.EXE Reference Diskette for 5551-W/W2 1.13 713 KB
60W111R.EXE Reference Diskette for 5560-W1/W2 ODP Ready 1.11 703 KB
60W0_110,EXE Reference Diskette for 5560-W0 1.10 749 KB
60W0120R.EXE Reference Diskette for 5560-W0 1.20 695 KB Not tested Ref & Diag Type-B Upgrade (for 5560-N) 1.00 854 KB Type B
80y121r.EXE Reference Diskette for 5580-Y 1.21 721 KB
80W111R.EXE Reference Diskette 5580-W P23T Support 1.11 Ref & Diag for Type-A Upgrade (5580 & 5560) 1.00 917 KB Type A
References and Diags for 9595/9585/8595 are omitted. These are can be found HERE.
PS/55E 5538
38videosp.exe 5538 Video Support Diskette (VESA.EXE included) 1167 KB
38util_1.exe 5538 Utility Diskette # 1 641 KB
38util_2.exe 5538 Utility Diskette # 2 604 KB
hbaf55.lzh TP750/755C Audio Driver (CS4248KL) 1.40 1092 KB
IBM PC Server 320/520 MCA/PCI models
rfpcimca.exe Reference Diskette for Server 320/520 PCI/MCA 2.07 726 KB
rdpcimca.exe Diagnostic Diskette for Server 320/520 PCI/MCA 5.30 289 KB
4227103.exe 8640 System Board Diagnostics (PCI/MCA) 1.13 PC Server 720
33l3917.exe 320/520 Micro Channel BIOS Flash Update Disk 29A
3313917.txt Readme for BIOS Flash 29A
mcantsmp.exe 320/520 NT SMP Support Diskette for MC version 1.01
m84h4257.exe 320/520 NT Support Disk for CirrusLogic 5436 Video 1.01
IBM PC720 6860 (PCI/MCA) Related Files
720r101.exe Reference Diskette 1.01 Japanese
720d101.exe Diagnostic Diskette [84G7602] 1.01
720u101.exe UtilityDiskette [84G7622] 1.01 Japanese
720s101.exe Support Diskette [84G7604] 1.01 Japanese
Video Support for OS/2 (S3-V864) Japanese
Video Support for Windows (S3-V864) Japanese
pc720sp.lzh BIOS Flash up for PC720 6860 (PODP) 1.10 484 KB Japanese
6860ref.lzh Reference Diskette for PODified 6860 1.10 888 KB Japanese
6860dig.lzh Diagnostic Diskette for PODified 6860 1.11 581 KB Japanese
IBM PC750 6886 (PCI/MCA) Related Files Ref & Diag for PC750 6886 (PCI/MCA) 1.00 959 KB Japanese
n2mt28a.exe Reference Diskette for 6876/86 715 KB English
687686DG.EXE Diagnostic Diskette for 6876/86 263 KB English
n2jt50a.exe BIOS FLASH for 6886/6876 v50a
n2jt50a.txt Readme for BIOS v50a
n2jt52a.exe BIOS FLASH for 6886/6876 v52a
n2jt52a.txt Readme for BIOS v52a
750QA523.EXE QaPlusPro Diag Ver. 5.23 for 68XX 5.23 693 KB English
700QA542.EXE QaPlusPro Diag Ver. 5.42B for PC300/700 series 5.42B 739 KB English
ThinkPad TP720C Related Files Ref & Diag for TP720C 1.283 KB Japanese
r720c120.exe Ref Disk for TP720C 1.20 English
dg720120.exe Diagnostic Disk for TP720C 1.20 English
pctpx130.exe PCMCIA Disk for TP720C 1.3 English
Wanted Ref & Diag for C52 486SLC
Other Laptops (PS/55Note)
5523R.EXE Ref Disk for PS/55Note N23SX 5523-S1/S2/SV/SA
Attention: This is for the 16 MHz Model
1.00 653 KB Japanese
5523strt.exe Start Diskette for 5523 N23SX [P/N 07G3763] 1.01 Japanese
Wanted Ref Disk for N23 (5523-S0/SJ) 12 MHz Model Ref Disk for PS/55Note N51SLC (# 1 & # 2) 761 KB Japanese
Wanted Ref Disk for N51sx
555BJutl.exe TP555BJ Utility [P/N 66G1298] 1.01 Japanese
555BJvid.exe TP555BJ PCMCIA/VGA Support [P/N 66G8722] 1.00 Japanese


File Description File Size Remarks
XGA2OPTJ.EXE XGA2 Option Diskette, Japanese 231 KB Japanese
XGA2OPTE.EXE XGA2 Option Diskette, English 921 KB English
PS55EXST.EXE Option Disk for Personal Storage PS/55 note 129 KB 720 KB FD
pctpx130.exe EZPLAY for PCMCIA 1.30 511 KB PCMCIA Driver for MCA (Dated Sep. 1993) 74 KB
5250126.EXE 5250 Option Diskette [P/N 65X9094] 1.26 2DD
R5250100.EXE Remote 5250 Adapter /A [P/N 23F3996] 1.00 2DD
5250 PCM1
5250 PCM2
3270 Option Diskette
35FD200.exe 1.2 MB Diskette Support Program 2.01 2DD
35FD121.exe 1.2 MB Diskette Support Program 1.21 2DD
525FDD100.exe External 5.25" FDD /A [P/N 79F5348] 1.00
pcmcia101.exe PCMCIA Adapter /A [P/N 54G0521] 1.01 2DD
2_8memexp.exe 2-8 MB Memory Expansion /A [P/N 23F3242] 1.0 2DD JDOS
IBMenet.exe PS/55 Network Adapter /A [P/N 35G2811]
10Base2/5 & 10Base5/T
1.24 2DD
IBM FWSR PCI RAID /A for PC320/520 (DAC960P/PD) Mylex drivers
fwpd273.exe DAC960P/PD firm ware update 2.38 to 2.73 2.73 178 KB
swkit200.exe DAC960P/PD/PL drivers (DOS,OS/2,NT) 5.08 MB
WIN95KIT.ZIP DAC960P/PD/PL Win95 beta driver kit. DOS drive for Win95 install
IBM First/Wide RAID (PassPlay) without External Port. Use FWSR utility for RAID config.
raid199a.exe SR Flash BIOS 1.99
IBM First/Wide Streaming Raid (Cheetah) with an External Port.
4305333.exe FWSR Flash BIOS 2.21 2.21 315 KB
430533.txt FWSR Flash BIOS Readme
4227110.exe FWSR Option Disk, #1 Ver. 2.31 2.31
4227111.exe FWSR Option Disk, #2 Ver. 2.31 2.31
4227110.txt Readme for FWSR Option Disks

Audio & Video

File Contents File Size Remarks
VGA256.EXE VGA256C.sys For TP720C 254 KB
700c120.exe TP720C Video Driver 1.2 249 KB
aftps140.exe TP750/755C Audio Driver (CS4248KL) 1.4 828 KB English
aftps140.txt Readme for TP750/755C Audio Driver
hbaf55.lzh TP750/755C Audio Driver (CS4248KL) 1.4 1092 KB Japanese
tp750aud.exe TP750 Audio driver for Win3.1 & OS2 1.3 795 KB English
Wanted Win/V by CFC


File Name Contents Size Author
5x86REGE.ZIP Spreadsheet of HEX values for ET586 8.61 KB Nifty ID: F355
5x86reg.lzh The original spreadsheet written in Japanese 8.92 KB Nifty ID: F355
ET9603.EXE *1 Evergreens Cache enabler ET586 for Cyrix 5x86 and other
related programs (Including ETDIAG.exe)
Also contains cache enabler for DOS, OS/2 Warp and NT.
623 KB Evergreen Tech
5x86c2.ZIP Cache Enabler for Cyrix 5x86
Contains cache enabler for DOS, OS/2 Warp
18 KB Peter Moss
SGS4191.PDF Data Book of TI5x86 (and Cyrix5x86) 326 KB SG Thomson Unknown (Blue Lightning speed utilities?) 6.57 KB IBM

*1 Execute the file with -d (or /d) option to create a complete install diskette with sub directories.

486 Related

File Name Contents Size Author
REVto486.EXE Associated utility of REV to 486.
For IBM486SLC/BL. Ver.2.0
May work for 386DX2+ (TI486SLC) though not yet tested.
226 KB Evergreen
CX486slc.EXE Cache Enabler for Cyrix CX486SLC with 1 KB L1 137 KB Evergreen
MAKE486.EXE Cache Enabler for Make it 486 Upgrade (TI486SXL2) 207 KB Improve it Tech

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