The IBM Audiovation Drivers

Content by Christian Hansen (original HERE). Modified by Major Tom.
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The purpose of this page, is to maintain links to the Audiovation software, and documentation.

In order to make your MCA card accepted by your system BIOS, you will need the so called *.adf file. This can be obtained separately, or from:

Utilities and Options Diskette P/N 83G9956

The basic Audiovation drivers, consists of three diskettes. They are needed for any operating system. They are designed for Windows 3.x. There is no drivers written specific for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT or any other operating system.
The drivers do work with Windows 95, but not with all applications. If you want to play DirextX games – get another soundcard. If you want to make recordings under Windows 95, get Cool Edit 1.53 from Syntrillium, since the W95 built-in soundsampler don't work.
The drivers don't work in a plain DOS environment - DOS applications must run in a DOS window under Windows.

Driver diskette #1/3 P/N 83G9947 Watch subdirectories when unzipping!
Driver diskette #2/3 P/N 83G9950
Driver diskette #3/3 P/N 83G9953

If your system is running under OS/2, your will need the three above, and further two diskettes. They are to be found at my own isp:

OS/2 MMPM P/N 83G9944 (Be sure to unzip this one maintaining the directory "Audiodd")
OS/2 Mwave Manager P/N 83G9941 (No directory fuzz involved)

There was a third OS/2 2.1 bug fix file avos221.exe, but I have lost track of it.

Bundled software

This consists of the TalkWorks recording software P/N 83G8253;
TalkToPlus (two diskettes) 52G7272 and 52G7273;
Monologue 52G7271;
Oem'ed Band-In-A-Box;
and some ISA stuff 83G8250. The latter probably thrown in by another trainee. You could live happily ever after, without any of it.

The original paperbased manual, were once to be found at IBM's ftp as av20doc.exe.
Since it explodes into a Word 5.1 format which might not be pallable to your texttools, I have prepared a html version of the documentation found in av20doc.exe. It is a 139KB zipfile, that will expand to 600KB.

Further technical hints can be found at Louis "Jolt'em" Ohland's site.

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