188-190 IBM PS/2 SpeechViewer Hardware Option and SpeechViewer Convenience Kit
288-614 IBM PS/2 SpeechViewer Application Software

IBM PCjr Speech Adapter Technical Reference (HQ uncut) (from Michael Brutmann)
IBM - A Guide to Writing BASIC Speech Programs (Computer Archive)

Thread: IBM 27F4943XM Speech talk Adapter
Thread: Speech Adapter info thread

SpeechViewer Adapter
SpeechViewer Options
SpeechViewer Origins
Speech Control Assembly

SpeechViewer Adapter (pics from ctesales on Ebay)

J2 outline for an interior jack for use in mounting the control box in an 8530. (?)
Y1 4.000000 MHz osc

TMS5220C Speech Synthesis (1987, w/errata)
CD4529B Analog Data Selector
MC3418L Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulator/Demodulator
S63256 AMI Semiconductors 32Kx8 Static CMOS ROM (Phoneme ROM?)
P8255A-5 Programmable Peripheral Interface (Bad scan)
P8254-2 10MHz CMOS Programmable Interval Timer

The folks with TI-99/4A and arcade games have got more on the TMS5200 / 5220C than I can shake a stick at.

SpeechViewer Options

SpeechViewer Hardware Option 6450611 (card only)
SpeechViewer Convenience Kit 6450610 (BOTH the card and software...)
SpeechViewer Application Software 6280310 (software only)

SpeechViewer Origins (from Great Hierophant)

The PS/2 Speech Adapter is derived from the PCjr. Speech Attachment and uses the same TI TMS5220C/TSP5220C chip. Since it uses the ISA bus, and the PCjr.'s bus is mostly the same, I wonder if the card would work with the older software without a TSR program.

Speech Control Assembly

Front View

Two 1/4" headset jacks, microphone jack (?), volume rheostat.

Bottom View

I saw a Photoshopped picture of one of these in an 8530 bay. Note the tabs, they might mate with a slide for the 8530, looks like a floppy-type slide (intermittent tabs).

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