A list of known IBM ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) used in the PS/2 line of computers. Very WIP, very unfinished.

P/N *DescriptionPackageBoard(s)Notes
87X0079Clock GeneratorPGA-24 can
72X7377DMA controllermetal can50, 60, 80-013
72X7385bus controllermetal can50, 60
72X8299(PIO) IO controllerPLCC-8450, 60, 70-Axx, 80-013, 80-A
72X8287Video Graphics Arraymetal can50, 60, 80-013
90X8134DMA controllermetal can 11255SX, 80-A, T0-, T0, T1
90X8941Video Graphics ArrayQFP-14455SX, 80-A
23F9177?QFP-12450Z, 55SX, 549437F0728 comp.
37F0728?QFP-12455SX23F9177 comp.
27F4620?QFP-?55SX, 5494
27F4619?QFP-?55SX, 5494
57F1139?QFP-?55SX, 5494
23F8566?QFP-?55SX, 5494
1888676TC110GC9AG - XGAQFP-?XGA, 90?
74F5160TC110GC9AF - XGAQFP-?XGA, 90
33G0329RAMDACQFP-?XGA-2old, ceramic IHS
89G2928RAMDACQFP-? dieXGA-2new, blue
15F6864(maaybe VGA?)?70-Axx
59G1883??85 "X", 5551-N, Type-A
59G1885??85 "X", 5551-N, Type-A
69G1204?QFP-?85 "N"
69G1212?QFP-?85 "N"
61G2323? (MCA interface?)QFP-?85 "N"
61G2444? (SCSI Controller?)QFP-?85 "N"82G2645 comp.?
82G2645? (SCSI Controller?)QFP-?85 "N"61G2444 comp.?
85F0464Interrupt, Keyboard & Mouse ControllerQFP-10890, 95 XP
64F0942I/O Controller - 1x UART, 1x parallelQFP-10890, 95 XP, 556033F5469 comp.
33F5469I/O Controller - 1x UART, 1x parallelQFP-10890, 7568 RC64F0942 comp.
92F2384ExpressPrint parallel ControllerQFP-?95
33F5946CPU Gate Array?T0-, T0
33F5944Memory Controller Gate Array?T0-, T0
57X4111"MS700", MCA Interface??70 Type 2, 70-Axx, 80-Axx, P70 new, T0-, T0
57F2194Memory Controllermetal canT1
78F1659Memory Data Buffer or MCA Buffermetal canT1
54F2958Memory Data Buffer or MCA Buffermetal canT1 "J", T1 "K"Older version of 78F1659?
Used on some T1 J, K complexes.
89F5724Memory ControllerQFP-?T2, Bermuda
92F1428DMA ControllerQFP-?T2buggy version
10G7808, 10G4714 comp.
10G7808DMA Controller (32-bit)QFP-?85 "X", 85 "N", T2, T3, 5551-N, Type-A, PC720 riserok
92F1428, 10G4714 comp.
10G4714DMA ControllerQFP-?T2possibly ok
92F1428, 10G7808 comp.
64F8781Memory Data BufferQFP-?T2, Bermuda
89F5415MCA Buffer/Controller?QFP-?T2, Bermuda
96F1920Memory Data Bufferceramic SPGAT3
96F1921Memory Address DriverPGA canT3
10G7459?SPGA canT3
92F1477?SPGA canT3
78F1639Memory Address BufferPGA canT3 DC
96F1992Memory Data BufferPGA canT3 DC
92F1379 + 10G7426L2 Cache controller Set2x PGA canT3 DC
50G8192SynchroStream ControllerCCGA-625T4 "N", "P", "Q"8190587 comp.
8190587SynchroStream ControllerCCGA-625T4 "Y"50G8192 comp.
10G3441?CQFP-208T4 "P", "Q", "Y"
10G4672Interrupt, Keyboard & Mouse, 2x UART, 1x? parallel ControllerQFP-2089553, 9556/57, Bermuda, Lacuna, 85 "X", 85 "N", 95A, 5550-486, ReplyNot a DMA Controller!
33F6715 + 15F6903(SCSI Chipset?)QFP-?Bermuda, 85 "X"
63F7520?metal can70 Axx, Bermuda, 5494
71G0438"SynchroStream Controller"CQFP-304Lacuna, 70 Reply TurboBoard, 60/65/80 Reply PowerBoardThe name needs confirmation
02G139416/4 Token Ringmetal can 175short 16/450G6144 comp.
50G614416/4 Token Ringmetal can 175short 16/402G1394 comp.

* P/N of some parts ends with "ESD". This suffix is omitted from the table.

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