KDOS Configuration

5535-M18 came to hand on 2003.02.05.


5535 image This is in the state where the power on.

There is an impression which takes a place considerably.
I think that the desktop which does not take a space too, is right.
5535,98LT,TP340 image This is comparison of a size.
The machine which comes out later is considered, or it becomes and is large.

It is ordinary size if it sees as "laptop".

From the top:
IBM ThinkPad340 (Just A4 size)
NEC PC-98LT (A4 file size)
5535 keyboard image This is a keyboard.

It is the impression of changing the arrangement of the key of type1 keyboard and having pushed in.
5535 slot image This is near an expansion slot.

5250 Adapter/LT is contained in the slot.
The bottom of it is a serial port and switches.
The function of a DIP switch is not known though regrettable.
The right-hand side is a TEST switch.
And it is the lamp in which a TEST state is shown.
5250 adapter LT image This is 5250 Adapter/LT.

Although it understands that I have you compare with the adapter of the page of the architecture, there is no switch of an address. It sets up on software.
Planar View of the planar.

Planar photo here.

Hardware Configuration

CPU i80286 10MHz
Memory 1MB (It checks by the system test)
Hard Disk 20MB
Display Monochrome LCD with a back light
Adapter 5250 Extended Work Station Adapter / LT

Partition of Hard Disk

Partition1 ICHITARO 4MB
Partition2 MS-DOS K3.42 16MB

It has divided into two partitions.
The started partition becomes C drive and another partition becomes D drive.
Except for the case where the kind of OS to start is different, I think it quite new that a drive letter changes at the time of starting.

Software already set up

OS KDOS Ver3.43 (for 5535)
Kana Kanji conversion Partition1 ATOK6
Partition2 MKK (Clause conversion)
Application ICHITARO Ver3.1
Emulator 5250 Japanese Personal Computer
Development language IBM COBOL/2

5250PCs have not been started in an error.

KDOS Configuration

CONFIG.SYS of Partition1

DEVICE=C:\ATOK6IA.SYS /D=C /N=ATOK.DIC /R=0  /M=0 /T=1 /S=1 /E=1 /B=0 /C=2

Free area 467,760 bytes

CONFIG.SYS of Partition2


Free area 489,248 bytes

CONFIG.SYS of each partition is the above-mentioned contents.
Since the version is old, there are HMA and no UMB.
However, since Kanji ROM is built in, there is free area very well.

I want to explain a driver peculiar to KDOS and JDOS in this.

$LDISK.SYS It is a driver for making a logical partition recognize.
The partition of the number specified back is recognized
as a drive.
It starts with the 2nd partition and a setup when it is
$LDISK.SYS 1, the 1st partition is recognized as a D drive.
$BANKMGR.SYS It is a driver for using a Memory Bank.
The Memory Bank remained to JDOS Ver.4.
$MKKCVT0.SYS It is a driver for multiple-clauses conversion.
It comes to use Memory Bank with a /B switch.
EM5250J.SYS It is a driver for using a 5250PC.
$CLOCK.SYS It is the driver of a time display.
The present time is displayed on the screen lower right.
$PRN24E.SYS It is a driver for 24 dot printers of the IBM system.

Mr. Tahara's Machine

It received by junk article treatment at a certain auction. A grade says but it does not become precocious. It seems that it has embezzled on business considerably. There is a portion which paint has peeled off considerably and a horizontal line goes into liquid crystal considerably. A keyboard also has the bad key of a reaction and a diskette drive causes a defect of operation occasionally. It may not be amusing whenever it may break...

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