PS/55 5535M (5535-M)

Don't make a mistake, it's not a DOS/V PC...

Setup and Maintenance

Based on content by "Kyondy Ayase" (original HERE). Edited by Tomáš Slavotínek.

Specifications (5535-M19)

CPU: Intel 80286 10 MHz
HDD: 30 MB
LCD: Monochrome STN (720x512)

Overview (5535-M19)

The later 5535S was the first DOS/V compatible IBM laptop. This machine on the other hand is based on a different specification, one that isn't PC/AT or DOS/V compatible. It's essentially its own thing. The internal Japanese display adapter uses a built-in Kanji ROM (similar method to the PC-98x1 series), and the screen resolution is also unique to this machine. For these reasons its software compatibility is rather limited.

Compared to the 5535S, this machine has a boxier and sharper design.

The 10MHz 286 CPU is relatively weak, but the overall performance seems to be comparable to the 5535M. This is mainly because the machine has hardware support for Chinese characters. In fact screen scrolling in DOS/V (with Chinese characters) seems to be faster on the 5535M.

The PC-9801 series used the same approach, achieving higher text mode performance than the contemporary DOS/V machines.

View of the keyboard. It seems that the basis for this machine may have been a terminal for some large machine rather than a personal computer.

The keys feel like a "laptop machine".

The LCD panel of this unit has a unique resolution of 720x512.

The panel is, of course, monochrome, with contrast and brightness adjustment knobs at the bottom right..

The machine with the LCD panel closed.

At first glance, it looks like a box, but the LCD panel is slightly thinner toward the front...

The mouse port, floppy drive, hard disk drive (30MB), and power switch are located on the right side.

The red color of the power switch and the blue color of the floppy eject button are nice accents.

View of the left side with the carrying handle pulled out.

It looks rather empty, until... look closely, and notice the three removable covers.

One is for a RS232C port (25-pin), another hides a set of test switches (details unknown), and the large one at the top is for an expansion slot. The expansion seems to be unique to this unit.

View state of the back.

It has an AC power connector, a printer port (36-pin, sigh), and an exhaust fan sticking out in the middle.

The legs/handles on the sides ensure clearance between the fan and ground (or other surface) when the unit is set upright.

The unit ready to be carried.

The two black buttons below tha handle unlock the LCD lid.

The type/model and serial number label is hidden behind the handle (not visible in this image, but just above the lock).

5535M in an upright position.

The center of gravity may be somewhat higher compared to the 5535S because of the legs/handles on the back. The unit is also quite heavy - over 7 kg.

Also notice the large round rubber feet on the bottom.

The machine in operation.

Thanks to its unusual architecture it's difficult to obtain compatible software and utilize the machine.

Another sample in operation.

Source: HERE

Setup and Maintenance

  • This is not a DOS/V machine and it doesn't have a VGA mode. Software compatibility is extremely limited.

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