8570 Reply Turboboard

F1 Keyboard PTC Fuse
J1 HDD15 Video
J2 DB25 Serial
J3 Parallel
J4 Mouse
J5 Keyboard
J6 Outline, 2 pin. Unk
J7 Outline, 3 pin. Unk
J8 Outline, 2 pin. Unk
J11 CPU Speed Jumper?
J12 Battery header
J13 Outline, 2 pin. Unk
J14 Clear CMOS Jumper?
J15 IDE controller
J16 Outline, 2 pin, for Fan power
J17,18 Three pin drive power
P1 16-bit MCA slot w/AVE
P2,3 32-bit MCA slot
P4 Drive riser
P5A Power edgecard connector
U1,4 Video RAM MT4C16257DJ-7
U5,12 SOJ sockets for 256x16 DRAM
U13 Cirrus Logic CL-GD5434
U21 10G4672 On 85-N and Lacuna
U23 Wierd green PCB w/xtal?
U28 Dallas DS1387 RTC
U29,35,42 Flash chips, Unk
U31 L2 Cache (Lacuna modules work?)
U40 Outline for QFP. 486SX?
U43 71G0438 (System Controller)
U60,62,65 72 pin SIMM sockets
U63 Socket 3 (5v only)
U68 Appian ADI/2 IDE controller?
U69 NEC 82078-1 B Floppy controller
Q3 Linear Tech LT1085 voltage regulator
Y1 14.31818 MHz xtal.

J11 CPU Speed Jumper? - ON: 25/50/75 MHz, OFF: 33/66/100 MHz. (No indication on the PCB, but it should be the same as J15 on M80 P/B.)
J14 Clear CMOS Jumper? - CMOS configuration is cleared by switching the jumper from one position to the other. The jumper remains in its new position until the next time you decide to clear CMOS.

The board doesn't have a VGA Enable/Disable jumper (quite reasonable since it has only 3 MCA slots).

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