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You can buy Piper Research products directly from Piper Research.

Products and Prices

SP16MCA SoundPiper 16 Stereo Sound Card $129.95
SP32MCA SoundPiper 32 Stereo Sound Card with 32-Voice Wavetable $159.95
SP32MCA-3D SoundPiper 32 with 3D Sound Option $179.95
MLI-55 Magnetically Shielded Multimedia Speakers $10.00
Other CD-ROMs and Multimedia Kits Call or e-mail

Payment Methods

Payment via  VISA MC AMEX Logo   is accepted.

Company Purchase Orders and International Money Orders also accepted.

Shipping Methods

Airborne Tracked 2-Day Air Service within the U.S. $10.00
International Airmail Airmail using Government Post Offices Worldwide
This is the best method for Canada, Japan,
and most other International destinations.
Specified Carrier. Your Specified (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) Carrier
Billed to Your account - Charge for Handling Only.
Your specified account will be billed actual costs.

How to Order
   Required Info:  Product(s) and Quantity
                   Name, Telephone Number
                   Billing Address
                   Shipping Adress
                   Method of Payment
                   Shipment Method
           Phone:  (612) 459 2770

             Fax:  (612) 458 1978

       U.S. Mail:  Piper Research Incorporated
                   Attn: Sales
                   P.O. Box 241
                   Newport, MN 55055
Piper suggests that you carefully consider before sending credit card information via the internet. If a lack of security does not bother you please send email to with your order, or please call us, send us a FAX or drop us a note via U.S. Mail.
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