ThinkPad 710T

Type 2523

193-066 IBM THINKPAD 710T

The 2523 IBM ThinkPad 710T Model 09Y is a ThinkPad File (open bay) model. The 2523 IBM ThinkPad 710T Model 302 is a 60MB Hard Disk model with the PenDOS** operating system preloaded. This model is known as J02 in AP, 3F2 in Canada, 32C in AP, and V02 in EMEA.

  • A ThinkPad File model with 3 PCMCIA (JEIDA 4.1) Type 2 slots
    The optional ThinkPad Files supported by IBM ThinkPad 710T comply with JEIDA's guideline
    version 4.2 (PCMCIA Type-2). These files consist of flash memory and a control chip which
    enables the software to access the card in the same manner as the IDE interface (HDD interface).
    Both blank and preloaded ThinkPad Files are offered as optional features. 
  • A hard disk model (60MB hard disk) with one PCMCIA Type 2 slot with the PenDOS operating system preloaded
  • A hard disk model (60MB hard disk) with one PCMCIA Type 2 slot with the PenPoint operating system preloaded
  • 80486 SLC 25MHz processor with 16K cache
  • 4MB memory, upgradeable to 12MB
  • PCMCIA technology
  • Transflective liquid crystal display (LCD) with VGA resolution
  • Serial, parallel, floppy disk, keyboard, mouse, and VGA ports
    A keyboard is not provided with the IBM ThinkPad 710T. An IBM Enhanced PS/2 keyboard may be used to input data into the IBM ThinkPad 710T by connecting to the keyboard connector on the IBM ThinkPad 710T system unit. The PenPoint operating system will recognize the U.S. keyboard (101/102 character sets) but function is limited.
  • Rechargeable battery pack (main battery pack)
  • AC adapter
  • Soft carrying case.

Diagnostic software:

One is quick POST which is effective for problem determination and completed within approximately ten seconds. The other is Built-in Setup/Diagnostics.

Available optional features are:

  • 2MB/4MB/8MB Memory Modules
  • PCMCIA 2400/9600 Data/Fax Modem
  • 5MB, 10MB, 15MB ThinkPad Files
  • Preloaded PenDOS Version 2.00 (10MB, 15MB ThinkPad Files only)
  • Preloaded PenPoint Version 1.01 (15MB, ThinkPad Files only)
  • A 3.5-inch external diskette drive
  • Main battery pack
  • Half battery pack
  • Quick charger
  • Car adapter
  • Stand
  • Hard carrying case.

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