3com 3C35004 System Processor


Status LEDs

LED Color Description
PWR Green The system processor is receiving power.
RUN Blinking Green
Steady Green
The system processor is operating.
The system processor is running diagnostics.
SYS Steady Yellow
Blinking Yellow
The system processor failed at power up.
A hardware/software mismatch has occurred.
INS Yellow The system processor is not fully seated.
PS1 Yellow The first power supply is out of specification.
PS2 Yellow The second power supply is out of specification.
FAN Yellow The fan has slowed or shut down.
TEMP Yellow The system has overheated.
SERVICE Yellow System service mode is active.
PCMCIA INS Green A PCMCIA card is inserted in the system.

System Diagnostics — LED Activity

When you first power up the system, the system processor PWR LED and RUN LED light green, indicating that the system is receiving power and running diagnostics. After the system diagnostics are successfully completed, the RUN LED blinks green, indicating that the system is operating. If the SYS LED lights yellow, the system processor has failed at power up.

You can view messages displayed during power-up diagnostics if you connect a terminal, workstation, or PC with terminal emulation software

3C35004 System Processor Module PCB

10base-T - Out of Band Port
4LC1M16E5 -6 MT4LC1M16E5 – 1 Meg x 16, 3.3V datasheet
71V016 - Idt 71V016S15PH 3.3V CMOS SRAM 1 Meg (64K x 16-Bit) datasheet
71V124 - Idt 71V124S15Y 3.3V CMOS SRAM 1 Meg (128K x 8-Bit) Revolutionary Pinout datasheet
71V256 - Idt 71V256SA15Y Low Power 3.3V CMOS Fast SRAM 256K (32K x 8-BIT) datasheet
ACA.V - Lucent 1291H3
AP Base - Application Processor Memory SMART SM5320440923 COM EDO4X32-60-8C-4X42K
AP EXT - Application Processor Extended Memory SMART SM5320440923COM
Battery - Tadiran Model TL-5111 or equivalent (Saft LS 14250) 950mA hour lithium battery
FLASH BASE - Memory directly below FLASH SIMM?
Flash SIMM - 80 pin SIMM
FP - Frame Processor Memory
LXT901PC - Level One LXT901PC Universal 10BASE-T and AUI Transceivers datasheet
MACH5 - AMD MACH5 256/120 (TOP) 128/120 (BOTTOM)
MBA - Lucent 1286E3
MC88LV915T -  Low Voltage Low Skew CMOS PLL Clock Driver, 3-State datasheet
Modem - Modem, Port 2 (DE9, RS-232C) 19200, 9600, 4800, 2400, and 1200 baud
MPC603ERX100LN - Motorola power PC 603e RISC datasheet
TERM - Terminal, Port 1 (DE9, RS-232C) 19200, 9600, 4800, 2400, and 1200 baud
XPC860DE - Motorola XPC860DEZP50C1 32-BIT, 50 MHz, RISC PROCESSOR, PBGA357

Memory Location Factory-Installed MB Available Expanded MB Part Number Total MB
Application Processor 16 (on board) 16 SIMM 10001299 32
Frame Processor 4 (on board) 16 SIMM 10001299 20*
Flash 8 (on board) 8 SIMM 531-00007-000 16

When you upgrade the system memory, you must upgrade all three memory SIMMs: the Application Processor memory, the Frame Processor memory, and the Flash memory.

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